Boutique Helper Roland Editor Librarian Review

Boutique Helper – Roland JP-08 Editor Librarian Key features: – Real time control of all JP-08 parameters, both layers simultaneously when DUAL is enabled – Accurate and adjustable mapping of every JP-08 parameter (from 0..127 CC values from external MIDI controller to 0..255 internal JP values), with normal or inverse polarity, on both layers simultaneously… Read More »

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System Editor Librarian Review

System 1 Editor / Librarian Editor Librarian for the Roland AIRA System 1 Synthesizer FREE VERSION can: – receive System 1 panel data (by pressing MANUAL on System 1) to local panel (PC) – edit locally the patch on PC editor – save the received patches in .PRM format (that can be used with the… Read More »

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Last Winter Survival Game Review

Last winter survival Game – Complete freedom of action with entire control over your destiny, travel where you want, when you want, on an impressively large map (3 000 000 km2), filled with sounds and colorful graphics. – Survival is the objective, 60 actions possible – fishing, hunting, crafting tools and weapons, and more than… Read More »