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One of the most problems people have with their Windows PCs nowadays is loss of data. Even if you decide to make backups for security reasons from time to time, on the day where your computer hangs you remember that you did not do it often enough. On the other hand: To back up files always takes time. And it is totally wasted time as long as you do not need it in the end. The risk of data loss does not seem to be that high and this is the reason why we all do not save our personal files like videos, documents, images and so on regularly. Again it is a product that can make life so much easier: Backup is a very easy-to-use program including all quick and smart features to do this work for you and without all these advanced functions of overloaded professional backup tools that slow down your system and that often cost 40 US$ or more. Backup lets you add as many files and folders as you wish to backup. Additionally, you can schedule the program to do automatic backups in days, hours and minutes. Two different kinds of backup procedures are possible (full backup or incremental backup, which is faster), you decide where your data should be saved to and to make it as easy as possible you can let Backup start automatically with Windows so that you do not have to care about your security copies anymore. Feature Overview: * Very easy-to-use interface / * Backup single files or the content of complete folders / * Program can also read from and write to SD cards, USB sticks, external drives etc. / * Schedule your backups in days, hours and minutes / * Full or incremental backup (all or only modified files) / * Start the program with Windows automatically to allow regular backup processes / * Program can be installed on USB sticks, floppy disks or nearly all other re-writable media / * Very low system resources required

Unit Price: EUR 19.99
Total: EUR 19.99
Info includes 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 16.80: EUR 3.19
Delivery: License key
Version: 7
Language: English, German, French, Dutch, Hungarian

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