Abc Net Settings Organizer Review

Abc Net Settings Organizer Settings Organizer

Windows offers great opportunities to be customized. Unfortunately, most of these features are not available through the control panel and can only be configured by modifying the main Windows settings database which is called the Windows Registry.

Since this procedure is only suggested for advanced users and should only be done with highest caution, Settings Organizer offers many of these options in a small and easy to use program under a totally easy to use interface and with very understandable explanations to each single option so that even beginners can configure their system to let it behave the way they want.

By changing settings with this program, the user is able to tweak and tune his system, to speed it up, to ease the work on it and to make it more secure.

Additionally, Windows includes complete and well-featured configuration and analyzing tools like MS Config or the so-called Computer Management Tool, that are nearly ‘hidden’ normally, even if it would make sense to use them from time to time. Settings Organizer allows you to execute these tools just with one click instead of researching the web for the right shell command to start it.

And the best: Settings Organizer saves all modified settings to backup files that make it easier to reverse changes if necessary.

Accelerate your Windows interface, close security lacks and make working with Windows just as easy as you want it to be – Settings Organizer is the mighty tool to do all these things!

Feature Overview:
Easy-to-use interface
Easy configuration of mouse behaviour, system folders and interface settings
Features can be sorted as beginner’s or advanced features
Easy access to ‘hidden’ Windows tools
Backup feature to reverse changes if necessary
Program can be installed on USB sticks, camera cards or nearly all other re-writable media
Very low system resources required

Unit Price: EUR 14.99
Total: EUR 14.99
Info includes 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 12.60: EUR 2.39
Delivery: License key
Version: 7
Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish

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