Active Query Builder For NET Standard WPF Subscription 8 Developer Team License

By | December 25, 2015

Active Query Builder For NET Standard WPF Subscription 8 Developer Team License preview. Click for more details

Ad-hoc SQL Query Builder – Easy Visual Query Builder and SQL Parser

Visual SQL query builder component with user-friendly graphical interface to build, parse and analyze complex SQL queries

Active Query Builder .NET Edition – annual subscription

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8 thoughts on “Active Query Builder For NET Standard WPF Subscription 8 Developer Team License

  1. Jack

    I like this site and buy here a lot of programs. They all have a pretty huge quality, price and ect. So, I trust this site and lately I bought this software. First of all, I noticed the pretty good interface, it is not havily loaded, just with simplicity. It is very easy for understanding and using by not only professionals, but by beginners as well. Also I was pleased by options, there are some deficiencies, but minor. And generally I was glad and did not regret about the money spent.

  2. Augustin

    I have bought this product a month ago. I searched long long time really good product for software buiseness. I invite vigorous strong people who can to succeed in their business . And this software would serve their purposes. I have tested this software with my workers and I can say that this site is very useful in general. Thanks a lot for this software decision.

  3. Hell'O/Kitty

    The software has several incontestable advantages over the majority of the software of such kind. First, it works equally effective on completely different platforms, which makes it universal. Second, it has a very convenient graphical interface, which can be appreciated by both experienced specialists, who value their time, and for newbies, who only begin to work with SQL. Third, it has easy access to the remote database files, the search of which takes too much time and, sometimes, nerves. Add to the listed above a text-formatter, a query designer, a possibility to analyze the queries, and you get the best software of the type.

  4. Misha

    I sometimes face the problems with build and analyze complex SQL queries. I searched long enough high-quality software for software development. I tried to use a graphical query builder and was very pleased. If you can not find something good on the big software market, I advise you to try it. In general, this site is very much useful for our team, thank you for the your good job and useful content. very helpful really!

  5. Mark

    I have bought this software a week ago. This Visual Query Builder is the soft that I was looking for. My team needs to fill and work with parse and difficult database. And this software would serve exactly our needs. I have tested this product with my admins and I can say that this site owners are doing great job.Best regards from our team and thanks for the right soft.

  6. Tatyana

    The market offers a very large variety of different programs. Our goal – the creation of a site for the implementation of the programs . We invite active , motivated people who want to succeed in business . Payment is made on the basis of the work performed , I think it is fair . Make every effort , you get the expected reward. Interested (las ) ? Call and replenish our team of successful people!

  7. Kolobok

    I think that this software will help my team to build business in the sales simple programs. We want to create a special site for this and hire people to work. For a long time we could not find correct software for fulfilment our plan. I dare say that our idea did not pay off immediately, but eventually we will earn a lot of money. I have a question-can I get a refund, if your product will be unsuitable for me?

    1. Rachell Smith

      Are you programming on .NET? Your users need to get the data, but it closed deep in your database? When I created my first site I faced with this problem. 10 complaints for the first week! But now it is in the past with this application. Recommend it everybody: beginners and skilled developers. Question: How can I join this app with code which wrote on C#? Is it possible?


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