Advanced Etl Processor Enterprise Single License Year Maintenance Support Contract

Advanced Etl Processor Enterprise Single License Year Maintenance Support ContractAdvanced ETL Processor extracts data from any database, transforms, validates it and loads into another database automatically. A unique technology called "What You See Is What You Load" saves a lot of time during testing and design of validation and transformation processes. It shows you how the data will be transformed and loaded into the data warehouse or database without actually loading it. At any time, you can press the ‘Preview’ button and see what the results of an ETL flow would look like. Advanced ETL Processor can help you extract data from an Excel file, validate date formats, sort data, deduplicate it and load it into the database, run stored procedure or SQL script, once loading is completed. Unlike Oracle SQL loader, BCP, DTS or SSIS, Advanced ETL Processor can also add new and update old records based on the key defined by user. The program can extract data from multiple delimited or fixed width text files, multiple Excel files and multiple Excel spreadsheets, multiple MS Access databases, multiple DBF files, any ODBC compliant database, MS SQL Server or multiple tables. It can load data to multiple data targets, delimited or fixed width Text file, MS Access database, Microsoft Excel file, DBF file, Oracle 7-11g database, SQL server 7- 2005, and any ODBC compliant database. If data format is incorrect, Advanced ETL Processor writes a detailed message into the error log and writes a record
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