Advanced Login Area Designer Integrator World Wide License Review

By | September 26, 2016

Advanced Login Area Designer Integrator World Wide License ReviewAdvanced Login Area Designer-Integrator[World Wide License]

Program combines three tools: visual directories password protection regardless of their content, member management, total user access management; supports manual (administrative) and automated (online) regimes. Self installation, self settings, no programming skills, no authentication knowledge required. Take and launch at once.
Program provides control panel with visual graphical web interface. Using only your web browser you will be able to perform all operations like password protection, multilevel access management, user account management, program settings. ALADIN supports different user registration scenarios simple administrative or online registration, with email notification, with email confirmation. It interprets all your data operations and operations with catalogue tree image into the directives of access control files .htaccess/htpasswd.
You will be able protect separate directories or files, create member area, login area, unlimited number of protected areas. Easy integrate with web site,… within a minutes. One link to the registration form and ALADIN will register members and authenticate users, collect user data, send and receive email notification (optional). Control panel allows create and save email templates. Automated backup solution provides security, reliability and user registration-access history. Full featured version with expiration access, forgotten password, registration approval facilities etc. may be generated. Unlimited support is available. Free of charge upgrades every two-three weeks. A wide range of access management tasks.
Installation is free of charge. Also we can integrate program into your website and your site design. Take and launch at once without learning.
Today you purchase program, today it works on your server.. .

Unit Price: EUR 44.03
Total: EUR 44.03
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 44.03: EUR 8.37
EUR 52.40
Delivery: Full version in an e-mail attachment
Version: 2.3

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