Advanced Seo Plugin Match Agency Biz

Advanced Seo Plugin Match Agency BizAdvanced SEO Plugin for Match Agency BiZ
Developed by Datetopia Dating Software and Matchmaking Scripts
This plugin includes the Link Exchange Directory module and the Remote Content module.
Link Exchange Directory
This module manages a search engine friendly link exchange directory with unlimited number of subcategories. Automated verified submissions and webmaster backlink checking are supported. Entries with missing backlinks are disabled automatically. Fixed links are not disabled if not found on automated backling checks.
Remote Content
This module allows managing content on multiple websites from one webmaster panel. This can be used to manage ad sections, partner links, news in a large network of websites using this system.

Content can be edited from the push panel. Each content has a label that will be used by the websites pulling that content.
Use the pull section to configure content retrieval. Code is also available for publishing the content. Pulled content is cached to maintain good website loading speed. Automated updates can be configured from settings.
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