Audio Waveform Analyzer For NET Commercial Edition

By | July 13, 2015

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Audio Waveform Analyzer for .NET | MultiMedia Soft

.NET component for sound waveform analysis

Audio Waveform Analyzer for .NET is a .NET Windows Forms custom control developed by MultiMedia Soft that makes it easy to add sound waveform analysis capabilities to applications written with the most widely-used development environments that accept ActiveX controls.
Audio Waveform Analyzer for .NET comes with native decoding capabilities for many audio formats and leverages decoding capabilities of Microsoft Media Foundation and Microsoft DirectShow for audio and video formats not supported natively.
Audio Waveform Analyzer for .NET can be easily integrated with existing third-party audio libraries like Leadtools Multimedia SDK, BASS, FMOD and any other multimedia library supporting the possibility to start a playback session and/or the possibility to decode and provide the PCM data for rare or custom audio formats.

Summary of available features:

– Decoding and analysis of the following audio formats
– Decoding and analysis of media formats (audio and video) supported by Microsoft Media Foundation (only on Windows Vista and higher versions)
– Decoding and analysis of media formats (audio and video) through Microsoft DirectShow: depending upon the format of the media file, there could be the need to install specific DirectShow codecs.
– Analysis of audio streams whose PCM data is provided by external third-party libraries.
– Deep analysis at different resolutions of the sound’s waveform.
– Rich and fully configurable visualization capabilities with possibility to perform range selection, zooming and panning of the waveform.
– Fully configurable waveform scroller allowing manual and automatic movement of the waveform.
– Support for adding custom and configurable graphic items to the displayed waveform.
– Support for drawing the waveform representation inside a graphical device context (HDC).
– Support for saving the waveform representation into a graphic file.

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  1. Mary

    madly in love to listen to music, but there is that my player does not recognize the format of downloaded songs and I started to search for a song again. it is very annoying. Now I have found this program and my life has become easier. because the player recognizes all music formats, and can even edit it, add new melodies. It is very cool. if you ask me: what is the best program to listen to? I did not hesitate to answer: Audio Waveform.


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