Aurora Borealis Draughts Review

By | September 17, 2016

Aurora Borealis Draughts ReviewAurora Borealis Draughts

Unit Price: EUR 70.00 [Volume discount prices]
Total: EUR 70.00
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 70.00: EUR 13.30
EUR 83.30
Delivery: Postal mail
Version: 3.7


5 Stars Rating on

"Aurora Borealis professional"
is the best choice?
– It’s an excellent partner to spend some time playing draughts with.

Built-in program engine has a master level on Russian/Brasilian/Pool draughts and average level on English/Italian/International.

Beginners players are welcome with lower play levels.

"Aurora Borealis professional" allows you to comment your games and add variations (look at an example).

– Aurora Borealis was the first multi-draughts database program since 1999 and one of the largest and powerful ones by now.

Aurora Borealis professional has powerful database tools, such as:

useful search (by names, tournaments, positions, patterns…), ;
variation tree (immediately shows statistics of current position, so you don’t need to search through whole database);
copy, sort and organize your games databases now as easy as you cannot even imagine;
support of import and export PDN databases allows users to import/export their databases from/to other programs;
export games to Rich Text Format (RTF), compatible with Microsoft Word and many others text processors, is the easiest and comfortable way to get games ready for publication purposes, look at an example;
export games to HTML internet files allow you to publish your commented games into web-sites, look at an example – some Russian draughts commented games;

Play and analyse with any time control
Large opening books
Endgame databases support
Modern "anti-human" playing style
Interactive and automatic game analysis
Powerful database tools

Full version requirements:

Processor: Pentium or higher (Pentium III-IV or Athlon recommended)
RAM: 32 MB minimum (128 MB or more is recommended, Aurora Borealis can use up to 2GB of RAM)
Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, 2003 (not WinNT/98/ME!)
CD/DVD-ROM (for installation from CD/DVD)

Download free demo-version right now!
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