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Auto Form Validator Pro

Auto Form Validator ProThe JS Auto Form Validator is an easy-to-setup form validation script which enables you to handle the whole form validation process using the ready-to-use JavaScript class. This script allows you to specify certain form elements as "required" or "non-required" and also a specific type they have: text, password, numeric, zip code etc. It works on the native JavaScript, meaning page will be loaded much faster – especially on mobile devices – as no jQuery is needed! The script automatically checks all required elements in order to make sure that they are NOT only empty before allowing the form submission, but also that the surfer entered a valid type value. The output is available in 3 ways: into DIV errors container, with single field error message or with JavaScript Alert() function. The Form Validator is an excellent tool for web developers who: * Write web forms validation procedures * Want to save a lot of time up front * Look for a very powerful tool that helps the creation of web forms * Don’t want to write every time validation procedures from the scratch * etc. A Short List of Supported Validations * Required/Non required field * Confirm fields (email/password) * For numbers: signed, unsigned, positive, negative * For strings: upper, lower, normal * Numeric * Integer * Float * Alphabetic * Text * Email * Password * Login * ZipCode * URL * Checkbox checking
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Apphp Tabs Pro Ajax Enabled Menu Control

Apphp Tabs Pro Ajax Enabled Menu ControlThe ApPHP Tabs is a simple PHP script that generates multilevel tab menu control which consists of nice-looking tabs. It may be useful for web developers who appreciate their time and do not want to waste it on boring work but instead focus on really challenging tasks. It takes you only few seconds to add or remove a tab. You can use the script to organize your website navigation system. It was written according to object-oriented principles and is very simple to install, implement, use and modify. A Short List of Features AJAX Enabled Multi-Level tabs hierarchy Infinite amount of levels Possibility to enable/disable tabs Display images, HTML and script files Embedded CSS templates Simple and readable code for developers Object-oriented programming GET/POST submission type on PostBack call Using icons for tabs Different styles for child tabs Using dropdown menu for child tabs Multi-Language support Right-to-Left Languages support Multi-Browser support Possibility to display different type of content: Text, PHP, PDF, HTML etc.
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Apphp Shopping Cart Ecommerce Software

Apphp Shopping Cart Ecommerce SoftwareApPHP Shopping Cart is a PHP/MySQL open-source e-commerce system. It is a fully customizable shopping cart, specially designed for web. ApPHP Shopping Cart allows visitors to collect items in a virtual shopping cart over multiple product web pages without losing the items ordered. The script provides all necessary features including multi-currency and multi-language support. Visitors may view the contents of their shopping cart at any time and may add or delete items as needed. The program automatically calculates the subtotal, shipping charges, and total price. When a visitor decides to checkout, the order information is collected in database a receipt is sent to the shopper. Supports unlimited number of products and categories. Orders Management allows customer to view their orders and manage them. Powerful Administrator Control Panel. Administrators and customers management. Includes modules: News, Gallery, Contacts Us, Comments, CMS for pages with WYSIWYG etc. Many other features.
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Apphp Multilevel Treemenu Control

Apphp Multilevel Treemenu ControlThe ApPHP TreeMenu is a PHP script that generates multilevel tree menu control. It was specially designed for web developers. Tree menu is one of the most popular and commonly used navigation controls and it allows you to set up and use in no time. It has a collapsible vertical tree listing, that resembles the Windows Explorer folder view. It also makes it easier for visitors of your website to find things, makes its look more professional and helps to organize large amount of data into hierarchical order with as many nodes and sub-levels as you need. Expandable elements can be used as links, or they can be just expanded. The sub-menus are opened and closed by a mouse click.
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Tags: multilevel tree menu, collapsible vertical tree, Windows Explorer folder, commonly used navigation, ApPHP TreeMenu, PHP script, web developers, Expandable elements, mouse click, hierarchical order

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Apphp Microcms Content Management System

Apphp Microcms Content Management SystemPHP MicroCMS (PHP MCMS) is a simple, but very powerful Content Management System that everyone can use. This script can be installed easily by web developers, webmasters, graphic designers, etc. PHP MCMS was developed in OOP and allows you to build websites in a few minutes and then easy add and edit the content. PHP MicroCMS allows users with very little technical knowledge to build websites and it widely used by our customers due to its easy management tools. PHP MicroCMS requires NO knowledge of HTML, although HTML can be used to enhance the pages by adding headings, images, hyperlinks or simply to emphasize text. The PHP MCMS is an excellent tool for those who: * Want to create web sites * Look for small, but powerful CMS * Need to build a secure web site quickly
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Apphp Microblog Personal Php Web Blog

Apphp Microblog Personal Php Web BlogApPHP MicroBlog (ApPHP MicroB) is very simple and powerful PHP blog software. This product enables you to start your own blog within minutes. You can easy add and manage your posts and posting categories. This script is perfect for web designers and developers that want to empower their site and save the time on editing web pages every time they want to add more news. The script is very flexible, it written in object-oriented style and allows web developers easy change it to suit their needs. A Short List of Features * Easy installation * Easy post creation and editing * WYSIWYG Editor * Backup module * RSS Feed * CSS Templates * Multi-Browser support * Comments module * Resources module * Categories * Adsense module * Tags and Tags cloud * Multi-Author support
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Tags: PHP blog software, Easy post creation, editing web pages, developers easy change, Adsense module, Backup module, ApPHP MicroBlog, Multi-Browser support, ApPHP MicroB, Multi-Author support, WYSIWYG Editor, RSS Feed, object-oriented style, CSS Templates, Short List, web designers, Easy installation, Tags, categories, script, time, posts, product, site, news, Features, Comments

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Apphp Hotel Site Web Reservation System

Apphp Hotel Site Web Reservation SystemApPHP Hotel Site is a powerful hotel management and on-line reservation site script. This script is the fully functional PHP solution to manage small to medium size of hotels, holiday flats or guesthouse. Visitors of Hotel site will be able to search rooms availability with an online booking reservation system. They also could view rooms inventory, check availability, and book reservations in a real-time. Administration Panel: Protected with password security and accessed from anywhere in web Manage admins and clients account details Manage hotel rooms and room types Manage rooms availability Manage rooms prices Manage languages Manage currencies Various reports and booking data exporting Mass Mail & Email Templates Manage site settings and statistics Manage bookings and payments Modules: Backup, ContactUs, Banners, Gallery etc. Add new pages, modify existing pages or delete existing etc. Clients Account: Mange account info Manage current and previous bookings Search for available rooms Books rooms etc.
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Apphp Events Calendar Web Control

Apphp Events Calendar Web ControlThe ApPHP Calendar (ApPHP CAL) is a powerful PHP calendar script that may be easily integrated and used with various PHP projects, such as schedulers, event processors etc. The calendar is very simple to install, implement and use. ApPHP Calendar has a user-friendly interface and navigation. It can be viewed in various ways – yearly, monthly, weekly and daily. ApPHP Calendar is the complete solution for all of your calendar needs. A Short List of Features * Various Views – yearly, monthly, weekly, daily * User-friendly navigation * Embedded CSS templates * Using HTML templates * Floating DIV for Add Event form * Smart data caching * Easy and quick events addition and removal * Events management * Fast and easy customizable * Simple and readable code for developers * Object-oriented programming * Multi-lingual support
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Tags: ApPHP Calendar, powerful PHP calendar, various PHP projects, Add Event form, quick events addition, User-friendly navigation, user-friendly interface, ApPHP CAL, event processors, readable code, various ways, Short List, Smart data, Object-oriented programming, calendar needs, complete solution, Various Views, customizable * Simple, HTML templates, Multi-lingual support, Events management, schedulers

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Apphp Easyinstaller Pro Wizard Installation Php Scripts

Apphp Easyinstaller Pro Wizard Installation Php ScriptsPHP Easy Installer is an easy-to-setup PHP script for creating a user-friendly installation wizard. The script is suitable for existing and new web applications. If you plan to create an application in PHP and search for a small, customizable and powerful installation module, then PHP Easy Installer is the best solution for you. The PHP Easy Installer script makes the installation process as simple as possible; it may be easily customized for any project. The PHP EI is an excellent tool for web developers who: * Plan to create new web applications * Want to improve existing project * Look for a small, smart and powerful installation tool * Need more time for development * Want to spend less time on providing customer installation support
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Tags: PHP Easy Installer, new web applications, user-friendly installation wizard, easy-to-setup PHP script, Easy Installer script, powerful installation module, powerful installation tool, customer installation support, PHP EI, best solution, excellent tool, web developers, installation process, project, time, search, development, Plan

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Apphp Datagrid Ajax Enabled Web Control

Apphp Datagrid Ajax Enabled Web ControlPHP DataGrid script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control. It was specially designed for web developers. The PHP DataGrid is excellent for all PHP database-driven web site and online-based data administration. Also it useful for dynamic content management and PHP-based hosting providers. The goal of this script is to make DataGrid generating and editing as simple as possible for web developers. The PHP DG is an excellent tool for: * PHP database-driven web site * Adding Back-End for existing site * Creating online-based data administration * Creating dynamic content management or your own CMS
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Apphp Dataform Data Bound Form Control

Apphp Dataform Data Bound Form ControlPHP Dataform (PHP DF) script is a simple tool for creating HTML Forms with ease. It was especially designed for web developers, who do not want to spend excessive time on creating Forms in HTML or through PHP, but want to use a first-class OOP backend. Expandable structure, wise usage of common PHP-Patterns and continuous support make this a must for your PHP-swissarmy-knife. The PHP DataForm is an excellent tool for web developers who: * Look for a small, smart and powerful form-creating tool * Want to improve existing web applications * Plan to use the power of OOP in new projects
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Tags: first-class OOP backend, php dataform, powerful form-creating tool, web developers, PHP DF, excessive time, Expandable structure, wise usage, simple tool, continuous support, HTML Forms, common PHP-Patterns, excellent tool, new projects, web applications, ease, script, PHP-swissarmy-knife

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Apphp Adminpanel Website Back End Script

Apphp Adminpanel Website Back End ScriptPHP AdminPanel (PHP AP) provides you access to the control features of your site as creating static or dynamical pages and allows your easily manage database tables with embedded PHP DataGrid. It includes Creating, Reading, Updating and Deleting (CRUD) records in database tables on your existing site. You can edit menu options "on fly" and create new menu just in a few clicks. For a few minutes you get professional looking and fully functional Administration Panel for your new or existing site. PHP AdminPanel allows you to create DataGrid pages, even without programming knowledge! It dramatically reduce the development time of your web application. The PHP AP is an excellent tool for: * PHP database-driven website * Adding Back-End for existing site * Creating online-based data administration * Creating dynamic content management or your own CMS
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Tags: database tables, easily manage database, PHP AP, online-based data administration, PHP AdminPanel, PHP database-driven website, dynamic content management, PHP DataGrid, DataGrid pages, dynamical pages, control features, excellent tool, menu options, Administration Panel, programming knowledge, development time, web application, new menu, Deleting, quot, clicks, Updating

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