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PyshieldPyshield is one integrated development platform that supports Python script editing, debugging and running encrypted python scripts.
Main Features
Syntax highlight and code block fold
Complete symbol as python syntax
Jump to the definition of symbol
Find all reference of the symbol in multi-directories.
Run script and jump to the line of exception occurred in script
GUI Debugger
Distribute encrypted python scripts other than literal scripts
Supported platforms
Windows, Linux are supported, The following operation systems have been tested:
Windows XP, Windows7 both x86 and amd64
Ubuntu both i686, x86_64
For more information, see here
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PyarmorDo you worry about how to protect your python scripts? Now, it’s easy with the coming of Pyarmor.
Pyarmor is a python package which could import/run encrypted python scripts.
Pyarmor is designed for developers who do not want distribute literal python scripts to their customers.
Here are the main differences of using pyarmor to run/import encrypted python scripts:
transform python script to encrypted one with extension ".pye"
add a few of auxiliary files
It means Pyarmor almost doesn’t change anything, you can run/import encrypted pythons scripts just as they’re not encrypted. So you can run/import encrypted python scripts in any environment which python can run. For example, in a web framework, or as cgi scripts.
Besides, Pyarmor could run/import encrypted python scripts in target machine as one of the following ways:
Any target machine, or
only in a special machine (bind to hard disk serial number), or
expried on some day
For more information, see Pyarmor homepage
Get More Information about Pyarmor

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