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Bookbuilder Alternative

Bookbuilder AlternativeBookbuilder

Unit Price: EUR 19.00
Total: EUR 19.00
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 19.00: EUR 3.61
EUR 22.61
Delivery: License key by e-mail
Version: 4.3
Language: English
Platform: , Win XP or Win7(x32) recommended
General requirements: Note: the crafty chess engine is default for x32 (see readme.txt) in Windows7 the compability settings can best set at winxp(sp2) and run default as administrator (rightclick settings and adjust); it should run normally also on newer windows versions (8/10). For other systems such as Win7(x64) it also should work normally; besides some incidental short-comings as listed in the readme.txt. An extra version of craftyx64 (24.3) is included for faster analysis.

CHESS OPENING BOOK PROGRAM, for learning openings opening names, developing a repertoire, and so on. NB the ‘Demo’ is a FULLY FUNCTIONAL trial for one week; After this trial period a serial code is requested, which you get after full registration. Now with new default book, >200,000 positions , analyzed/back-solved with several top-engines, Giving an excellent overview of modern opening theory from beginners to club-players. NEW: also included similar (small) book for chess ‘engine’ (yace); you now can practice opening by playing full games! See the readme.txt file and help file for further info. After registration/ordering you will receive an automatic mail with a registration code. So good luck with your study of chess opening theory and looking at the program Bookbuilder ! Kec, The Netherlands
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