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Chroma Mask Key Information

Chroma Mask Key InformationChroma Mask

Chroma Mask is THE software for masking and cropping using Chroma Key. It can automatically mask and crop the subject already while shooting and display the cropped subject in front of a new background. You can save color corrections along with a background as a "theme" so spontaneous motto-shoots are always possible. Besides using the popular green and blue background for masking Chroma Key also lets you key using the red channel. This is usually avoided in people photography since skin tones are rich in reds but it can be a great solution for shooting products that feature a lot of blue or green.
Remove a green, blue or red background automatically while still shooting
Our special color spill correction removes colored reflections caused by the background and recovers the original color of the subject
Easy adjustment of the mask in edge mode
3D LUT support for color grading the subject (e.g. to match the background)
Save the background image along with the 3D LUT as a "theme"
Blur the background image
Automatically detect, load and mask new images for tethered shootings
Compared with our well-established masking software Mask Integrator, Chroma Mask has advantages as well as disadvantages. It is therefore advisable to carefully choose between those two applications.
Chroma Keys’ advantages over masking with backlight
The image containing the subject is also the image used for the cut out mask using the color channel. A fast moving subject or blowing hair presents no problem.
By using a colored infinity cove it is very easy to mask subjects from top to bottom.
Shadows cast by the subject can be transferred to the new background by using a lighter compression of the tone values.
Chroma Keys’ disadvantages compared to masking with backlight
Extremely fine details like fur or hair can be masked better using backlight photography.
A backlit image usually has a better contrast than a single color channel and therefore allows for softer transitions at the edges or when using semi-transparent materials.

Unit Price: EUR 189.00
Total: EUR 189.00
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 189.00: EUR 35.91
EUR 224.91
Delivery: License key
Language: English
Platform: Mac OS X, Windows XP x32, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x32, Windows 8 x64, Windows 7, Windows Vista x64, Windows Vista x32, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows XP x64

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Unlimited Filters Pro Howto

Unlimited Filters Pro HowtoUnlimited Filters – Pro

It has become very popular to change the "look" of pictures with applications or smartphone apps. With most of these apps you are limited to the available filters that are pre-installed. We want to eliminate these boundaries with Unlimited Filters. We don’t want to limit you in how many or which filters you use. Your computer even knows the format we use to save your filters. It’s an ordinary PNG, TIF or JPG.
This means:
that you can create filters with most picture editing programs
that you can share and copy them among friends
that you can easily extract or copy them from your favorite application
Unlimited Filters provides you with a neutral filter containing all colors in all levels of brightness and saturation. You can edit this filter yourself in softwares like Photoshop and Gimp or other filter apps. Here are some of the editing possibilities:
adjust gradation curves
tonal correction
adjustment of color and saturation for specific colors
black and white conversion with the adjustment of specific colors (color filter)
desaturation with the exclusion of a specific color (colorkey)
and many more
You then save this filter as a modified image file, which you can import into Unlimited Filters and apply to all of your pictures.
Since we are very aware that many picture editors like to work with their preferred software we have integrated the .3dl and .cube (3D-LUT) interfaces that allows for all filters to be exported. In the video industry these 3D-LUTs have been a standard for some time now (to give a movie a certain "look"). It is even possible now to import and apply .3dl and .cube filters in Photoshop.
Unlimited Filters features and our "Filter Sharing" website gives you countless options to obtain new filters that you can export or apply within your software with one click.

Unit Price: EUR 74.79
Total: EUR 74.79
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 74.79: EUR 14.21
EUR 89.00
Delivery: License key
Version: 1

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Sort Rename Features

Sort Rename FeaturesSort n Rename

A well structured file system starts with speaking file names. With self explanatory picture file names they are easily found by the OS search tool. To ease the pain of renaming thousands of pictures and files Sort´n´Rename is here.
Sort´n´Rename is the most flexible solution for file renaming. Naming options include individual text, enumerations in user defined intervals, original file names in whole or part, date and exif tags like DateTaken, fstop, shutter speed and many more. But not enough: Different versions of the same file extension can be matched and letters or strings can be auto-replaced.
Once a scheme for renaming is defined, it can be saved as a preset and exchanged across platforms (Mac & Win)
Sort´n´Rename is especially helpful in these scenarios:
Assigning speaking filenames to your picture collection
Pictures from several cameras can be sorted into chronological order and re-enumerated
Picture presentations can be sorted by drag and drop and re-enumerated in this sequence
Pictures that need to be renamed in a predefined scheme to ensure archival consistency can be treated with the same presets across all platforms (Win & Mac) companywide
Sort´n´Rename cannot only rename picture files – any file type can be handled

Unit Price: EUR 24.37
Total: EUR 24.37
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 24.37: EUR 4.63
EUR 29.00
Delivery: License key
Language: English

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Smart Gps Sync Free

Smart Gps Sync FreeSmart GPS Sync

There are many tools that can add GPS data to photos. But “Smart GPS Sync” is the first one, which makes it very easy to transfer GPS tags from one photo to another or even to another batch of photos. But why would this be useful if you can also use a GPS logger to log the entire track you travelled during your photo tour? Oftentimes several hundred photos are taken of a specific event in one location. Running a GPS logger during the entire time would make no sense in this case as the distance covered would be minimal and even irrelevant if the event took place indoors. It would be easier to quickly take a picture with a smartphone right at the current location and then use “Smart GPS Sync” by Picture Instruments to transfer the GPS data to all other photos.
To transfer the GPS data you can set whether GPS data will be transferred to photos that come chronologically before or after or are closest to the photo with the GPS tag. You can also define how far apart in time the photos with and without GPS tag can be for the GPS data to be transmitted.
Before the GPS data will actually be transmitted you can use the list preview to see which GPS tags will be transmitted to which photo. A left arrow marks a photo containing GPS data and arrows up and down point towards the photo containing GPS data, which will be transferred.
If no photo with GPS tag is currently available you can also copy latitude and longitude from Google Maps or Bing Maps and apply them to a whole batch of photos.
All in all it’s a very useful little helper for all wedding, event, architecture and location photographers as well as everybody who occasionally wants to geotag a photo from their camera without recording the entire trip.
If you work with software like Adobe Lightroom the use of Smart GPS Sync enables you to write the geodata into every single photo (JPG and RAW), which makes it unnecessary to reassign the photos for other programs at a later time.
If you want to remember where you took your best pictures in the years to come you should check out the free, unlimited 14-day demo version of Smart GPS Sync, which is available for download under:

Unit Price: EUR 24.37
Total: EUR 24.37
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 24.37: EUR 4.63
EUR 29.00
Delivery: License key
Language: English
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Mask Integrator Features

Mask Integrator FeaturesMask Integrator

The Mask Integrator is a tool that lets you crop or extract the motifs you photograph already while you are photographing them if you already work with the following applications:
Freemask or Freemask 1000 by Hensel: More Info
Other systems that can alternate two flash groups automatically (basic and backlight)
Manual alternation of two flash groups (Disadvantage: you can only photograph stationary objects)
Within a few steps you get perfectly cropped standalone subjects of the most complex motifs within seconds.

The Mask Integrator offers the following features:
Automated recognition and loading of new pictures whenever you connect your camera to your computer
Mask optimization of blacks and whites
Automated removal of shading elements on the edge of pictures
Use brushes to correct the shape of a mask
View the cropped picture while during photographing in front of white, black, transparent or a background of your choice
Scale and position your cropped pictures in front of your backgrounds
The scaling, placement and refinement of your masks remain unaltered throughout the entire session
Paging through the masked images and the backgrounds
Fine adjustment between the image and the mask (especially for Freemask and Freemask 1000)
Save one cropped or an entire folder containing cropped images with the click of one button
There are pros and cons to the various methods of cropping and extracting and there are some tricks you should have in mind while photographing. You certainly get the highest quality masks with Hensels Freemask or a similar system. This is where the Mask Integrator comes into play. With the standard Freemask system you are limited to the continuous shutter speed and your subjects or models must be as still as possible. With Freemask 1000 you can freeze even waving hair and isolate and crop them automatically with the Mask Isolator.
These are the resulting applications of the Mask Integrator:
Very quick masking of complex subjects or motifs when working with Freemask or a similar system
When you shoot certain motifs for a particular background you can scale and place them correctly and display them while you are shooting which helps you concentrate on the correct perspective, the lighting and the relation between foreground and background
If you have to shoot a lot of products in a batch the Mask Integrator can mask them during the shoot and place them before a white background
Very fast tuning of Freemask 1000
Target group
Product photographers
People photographers
All users of Hensel Freemask, Freemask 1000 or similar systems

Unit Price: EUR 399.00
Total: EUR 399.00
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 399.00: EUR 75.81
EUR 474.81
Delivery: License key
Version: 1.0

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Look Converter Alternative

Look Converter AlternativeLook Converter

Working with LUTs (Lookup Tables) is gaining popularity. Photoshop has introduced the LUT adjustment layer in version CS6. Newer versions of Premiere and After Effects can also apply LUTs to videos. Final Cut Pro X as well as older versions of Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut and Motion allow you to apply LUTs through plug-ins.
At the same time there are numerous filter apps like DxO Filmpack. Instagram, Oggl and many more as well as various filter presets for Lightroom and others.
Unfortunately, most software applications use their own formats. But it is possible to save the basic colorization or look into a universal format (the LUT) like for example .3dl .cube or .mga.
But how do you transfer the color settings from DxO Filmpack or even a smartphone application to Photoshop or a video editing software?
With our Look Converter!
The Look Converter allows you to
Save a neutral filter as a JPG-image to your computer
Apply coloring effects to this filter in any software or app
All adjustments in color, brightness and saturation will be saved to this filter image
With the Look Converter you can convert your self-made filters to the LUT formats .3dl .cube and .mga
In addition you can download many filters from the filter sharing area of our website and then use the Look Converter to convert them into LUTs for the use in Photoshop and video editing software.
You can use all filters you have created or copied via our neutral filter in Look Converter in our software Unlimited Filters as well.
Have a lot of fun working with Looks and LUTs.

Unit Price: EUR 24.37
Total: EUR 24.37
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 24.37: EUR 4.63
EUR 29.00
Delivery: License key
Version: 1

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Color Cone Download

Color Cone DownloadColor Cone

Color Cone is an entirely new concept for color correction as well as the creation of looks. This software is powerful as well as intuitive and it is able to deliver impressive results with a few clicks. Color Cone is based on an HCL–color model which is visualized in the form of a bicone (which has also given Color Cone it’s name). The HCL– color model is not as common or as widespread as for example the HSV model but much more suitable for photo editing. It offers several advantages since shadows and highlights possess almost no chroma in this color model. 100% black and 100% white generally have no saturation even if other models allow for this. Even similar colors in various positions as they occur in the upper and lower part of a color cylinder are excluded in the HCL-model.
Through a clever transformation from the source to the target colors with Picture Instruments’ own Color Warp technology even drastic changes in color even in 8- bit images can still look very smooth.
Enough of the theory!
Apart from using the regular path of opening images from the hard drive images can also be inserted from the clipboard. After editing the images the achieved look can be exported via LUT (Lookup Table) to be used in image and video editing software.
To create a look or correct colors you can define one or several points. Each of these points has a source and a target color value as well as a radius defining how great the effects should be to the surrounding colors. In this way very specific edits can be done using a very small radius whereas a bigger radius can help you create a desired atmosphere in an image.
It’s very hard to put in words how well this actually works. So why don’t you download a fully functional 14-day test version of Color Cone right here and create a fantastic look today.

Unit Price: EUR 189.00
Total: EUR 189.00
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 189.00: EUR 35.91
EUR 224.91
Delivery: License key
Version: 1
Language: English

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