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Wmv Direct Howto

Wmv Direct HowtoWMV Direct

The WMV Direct is intended for editing movie files of the Microsoft® Windows Media format using ASF container ("wmv" and "asf" file extensions) without its recompress. It allows you to save your time and quality of your video. At this time the WMV Direct is the unique software. There is no any analogous software present.
Also WMV Direct allows converting ASF/WMV files to the AVI format without losing audio-video streams synchronization.
Main WMV Direct features:
playing WMV and ASF files;
playing and capturing a network video broadcasting of the ASF/WMV format;
cutting (deleting) any intervals from movie file and saving result in new file;
appending two movie files with the same streams parameters;
indexing movie file;
creating, renaming and deleting markers in movie files;
converting ASF/WMV movie to the AVI format, without losing audio-video streams synchronization;
saving audio stream(s) to the WAV-file in PCM format;
saving single frames into BMP and JPEG files (snapshot);
viewing streams information;
exporting profile of movie file to the external profile file (with "prx" extension);
fully supports for third-party codecs in the ASF files.
Additional information from the edited ASF movie file (such as a script commands, markers and so on) is fully copied on the output file. Supports movie files contains constant bitrate streams (CBR) and variable bitrate streams (VBR). Supports for movie contain more than one audio and video streams (so called "multiple bitrates" files) and additional streams of other types. Manual stream selection for playback is not supported at this time.
WMV Direct allows you to edit ASF files containing video and/or audio streams compressed by most of third-party codecs. It’s the best way to create your own DVD disks from analog sources without any troubles with audio-video streams synchronization.

Unit Price: EUR 19.52
Total: EUR 19.52
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 19.52: EUR 3.71
EUR 23.23
Language: English, Russian

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Vlafy Mjpeg Encoder Features

Vlafy Mjpeg Encoder FeaturesVlafy MJPEG Encoder

Vlafy MJPEG Encoder is intended for capture video using standard MJPEG algorithm. Encoder supports interlace preservation. It has optimization for 2 CPUs (cores) and partial SSE optimization. To play captured file you can use any MJPEG decoders with any media players. Also you can edit and re-encode your file in all video editors.
This encoder can be used with ASF Direct Writer filter.
System requirements
Following software must be installed on your system:
OS Microsoft Windows XP 64 bit, Windows 2003 64 bit or Windows Vista 64 bit;
iuVCS x64 version (or higher) or another 64-bit video capture tool;

Unit Price: EUR 14.63
Total: EUR 14.63
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 14.63: EUR 2.78
EUR 17.41
Version:, x64
Language: English, Russian
Platform: , Vista x64

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Asf Direct Writer Iuvcs Iuvcr Review

Asf Direct Writer Iuvcs Iuvcr ReviewASF Direct Writer for iuVCS/iuVCR (x32/x64)

The Microsoft® ASF container allows to store video and audio streams encoded by third-party codecs, not built-in Windows Media Audio/Video codecs only. ASF Direct Writer filter is intended for capture video in ASF file format using most of codecs installed on you system. It is guarantied excellent audio-video streams synchronization. This synchronization is preserved if you re-encode the file into other formats, MPEG1/2 for example. That is using ASF Direct Writer is the best way to create your own Video CD and DVD disks from analog video sources, such VHS, TV and so on.
ASF Direct Writer is attached to the iuVCR capture utility. Other capture programs are not supported. The filter has been tested under OS Windows XP with iuVCR, DirectX 8.1 and 9.0c.
To edit and convert captured file the following programs are convenient:
Microsoft® Movie Maker;
WMV Direct (see
Ulead MediaStudio 7;
other programs that supports ASF file format.
It is possible to convert captured file in various software encoders such as Microsoft® Windows Media Encoder, Canopus Procoder, TMPGEnc. Re-encode is not affects the video-audio streams synchronization.
You may also convert ASF file to the AVI format using the WMV Direct. See for more details.
Starting with version the ASF Direct Writer provides the easy way for using internal codecs such as Windows Media Video/Audio and so on.
Furthermore the ASF Direct Writer supports broadcasting video to the network.

Unit Price: EUR 12.18 [Volume discount prices]
Total: EUR 12.18
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 12.18: EUR 2.31
EUR 14.49
Language: English, Russian
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Advanced Graph Manager

Advanced Graph ManagerOverview
The Advanced Graph Manager (AGM) is a powerful visual tool for building and testing 32-bit and 64-bit filter graphs. With AGM, you can quickly build and test filter graphs to see if they function as you expect. You can even view and full control a filter graphs created by another applications (32-bit or 64-bit).
The basic features are:
creating and control 32-bit filter graphs;
creating and control 64-bit filter graphs (under Windows XP 64 bit and Windows Vista 64 bit only);
connecting to the remote 32-bit filter graphs created by another applications and registered at the global ROT (Running Object Table);
connecting to the remote 64-bit filter graphs created by another applications and registered at the global ROT (under Windows XP 64 bit and Windows Vista 64 bit only);
adding, removing and reconnecting filters in the graph;
viewing and changing native filter properties;
viewing interfaces exposed by every filter in the graph;
viewing detail info about preferred and connecting media types for every pin of every filter in the graph;
rendering media files by one command;
set the reference clock for using by the filter graph;
loading filter graph from the Microsoft Graphedit format files ("grf" extension);
saving filter graphs to the Microsoft Graphedit format files ("grf" extension) and old Microsoft Graphedit 6 XML format files ("xgr" extension).
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