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By | October 4, 2016

Batch Faxtif Howtobatch fax2tif

Batch fax2tif is a professional fax to tif tiff converter able to convert variuos fax to tiff in batches, such as:
1) convert Faxwizard fmf fax to tiff.
2) convert WinFax fxd fxm fxr fxs fax to tiff.
3) convert BitFax bfx fax to tiff.
4) convert APRO MightyFax apf fax to tiff.
5) convert MS awd fax to tiff.
6) convert CALS cal img mil ras gp4 fax to tiff.
7) convert black-white DCX BMP fax to tiff.
8) convert Quick Link qfx fax to tiff.
9) convert Zetafax g3f g3n fax to tiff.
10) Convert DIGI-FAX g3f fax to tiff.
11) Convert Image System ig4 files to tiff.
12) Convert Kofax Ascent Capture DS files to tiff.
13) Convert Xerox Edmics-mmr ED files to tiff.
14) convert raw fax like g3 g31d g32d g4 mh mr mmr fax, and all other group 3 group 4 compressed fax to tiff.
Able to Split WinFax, APF DCX QFX to multiple tif files, and merge WinFax fxd fxr fxs to one tiff file.
Both GUI and command line modes are supported.

Unit Price: EUR 77.66 [Volume discount prices]
Total: EUR 77.66
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 77.66: EUR 14.76
EUR 92.42
Delivery: License key
Version: 2.80
Language: English
General requirements: no

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