Batch Winfaxjpeg Features

By | October 4, 2016

Batch Winfaxjpeg FeaturesBatch WinFax2JPEG

Batch WinFax2JPEG is a WinFax fxr fxs fxm fxd fax to jpg jpeg converter, able to convert WinFax fxd fxm fxr fxs fax to jpg jpeg files in batches. Both GUI and command line modes are supported. Able to keep converted jpg jpeg file’s date time optionally. Able to set jpeg quality. Convert multiple-page WinFax fxm fax to multiple jpeg images. Auto-convertion is supported by converting fax periodically.

Unit Price: EUR 39.27
Total: EUR 39.27
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 39.27: EUR 7.46
EUR 46.73
Delivery: License key
Version: 3.00
Language: English
General requirements: no

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