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By | September 21, 2016

Bluemarket Ppc AlternativeBlueMarket for PPC

Starting the Program

– Download and install Microsoft Compact Framework 2.0 (or later) from Microsoft web site
– Install BlueMarket for PPC (using ActiveSync, or manualy by clicking BlueMarketforPPC.CAB file from the phone)
– Run BlueMarket for PPC
– Check if you connected bluetooth dongle with your pc. Best to use BlueMarket pro software for that.
Note that you will need your pc only if you want to transfer files from/to pc, or to enable ordering function.
– Click Commands-Server-Connect
– If you have registered versions of BlueMarket pro & BlueMarket for PPC, you will be connected automaticaly!
– Click Commands-File list-Download
– After file received, you can click Commands-File list-Refresh
– You will get on your PDA screen all files you have into BlueMarket pro Outbox folder
– By selecting desired file, you can download it to your phone: Commands-File-Download, and open it: Commands-File-Open
– To use Chat function, you will need to activate Chat on BlueMarket pro
– Beamer can be used to transfer any file to any other bluetooth enabled device
– Super Beamer is main BlueMarket for PPC function. Using Super Beamer you can have Bluetooth Marketing in the move!
– Now you have World smallest Bluetooth Marketing solution!

System Requirements

BlueMarket for PPC will run on any PDA that meet minimum requirements.

Minimum System requirements:
OS: Windows Mobile 5/6
Free space: 1MB (phone or storage card)
Microsoft .NET Compact Framework v2.0 or later
Bluetooth dongle (Microsoft native driver only!)
PC with bluetooth connection, if you want to use extended functions

Tested configuration:
– PDA with Windows Mobile 5/6
– Microsoft Compact Framework 2.0/3.5
– any pc with Bluetooth connection


Supported PDA-s:
Any with Windows Mobile 5 or later

Connection types:
Bluetooth that use Microsoft working drivers only!

File list:
Download list of files from your PC. You can select different Outbox folders from your BlueMarket pro software.

File download:
Select file from previously downloaded file list. Click Commands-File-Download, and file will be sent from your pc.

Start BlueMarket pro on your pc, and enable Chat. Then start receiving.
Click Commands-Chat.
Type chat text, and click Send button.
You should see that chat text on your monitor screen.
Note: Be sure Chat text is matching in options in both software (pc & pda), nad that receiving is enabled on both devices!

Admin CTRL:
Use this function to remotely control your BlueMarket pro servers.
You can change many server options, including sending type, timers, activate lottary, campaigns, and even download/upload/delete files from/to server!

Locate, and find out how far other bluetooth devices are from your phone.
You can read signal manualy.
Note: This function is operatable only on some devices!

Send files to any selected device by using Beamer function. You can select file, and check to send to all devices in range. Simply click Send button to send it instantly.

Super Beamer:
Before using Super Beamer be sure you setup all sending options in Tools-Options.
Simply click Server-Start, and you will have all automated Bluetooth Marketing started.
Note: If you want your server to run all the way, setup your device not to goto stand-by mode. Screen can be turned off.


To remove this program from your PDA:
1. Click Start-Settings, and select System tab.
2. Click Remove Programs.
3. Find the application name in the list and select it.
4. Click Remove button.

Unit Price: EUR 15.00
Total: EUR 15.00
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 15.00: EUR 2.85
EUR 17.85
Delivery: License key by e-mail
Version: 1.0
Language: English

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