Bluemarket Pro Key Information

By | September 21, 2016

Bluemarket Pro Key InformationBlueMarket pro

Starting the Program

– Download and install Microsoft Framework 2.0 (or later) from Microsoft web site
– Install BlueMarket
– Connect bluetooth dongle (Microsoft stack) to PC
– Run BlueMarket
– Check if you started bluetooth on your mobile phone
– Click Server-Start
– You should, in a few seconds, receive welcome message on your mobile phone!
– Was it a success?

Now you have a free bluetooth network!!!

System Requirements

BlueMarket will run on computer system that meet minimum requirements.

Minimum System requirements:
Hardware: Pentium II class processor
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Ram: 64MB
Hard-disk free space: 30MB
Video: 1024*768,True colors
Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 or later
Bluetooth dongle
Mobile phone with bluetooth connection

For improved performance, we recommend:
Hardware: Pentium III class processor
Ram: 128MB

Tested configuration:
– Windows 2000/XP/Vista
– Microsoft Framework 2.0/3.5
– any mobile phone with Bluetooth connection
– Linksys, Trust, MSI, TrendNET, BlueTake, AirCable … BT dongle (Microsoft driver)
NEW: You can force any bluetooth dongle to work with Microsoft native bluetooth driver! Download step-by-step instructions here!

Vista requirements:
– You must have administrator account
– UAC (User Account Control) must be turned off!
To do that goto Control Panel/User accounts
Click ‘Turn User Account Control on or off’
Un-check ‘Use UAC to help protect your computer’
Click ‘OK’
Restart pc


Supported phones:
Any with Bluetooth available (including PDA, pc-s,…)

Connection types:
Bluetooth dongles with Microsoft working drivers only!

Discover all devices in range!

Receive files from all devices in range!

Send files to all devices in range!

Activate server that will discover devices, receive/send files automaticaly!

Server settings:
Choose time that BT dongle spend for discovering.
Choose sending type. From one/multi/random file sending.
Activate file ordering.

Ordering files:
Special feature: order file you want by sending "note", "text" or "message" to server. Note should contain name of the file that you want to order, and it must exist in BlueMarket "Outbox" folder.
For example:
If you want to order file: demo.mp3, just make "note" in your phone (text:"demo" or "demo.mp3"), and send it via bluetooth to server address.
In a few seconds you should receive demo.mp3 file to your phone…

Select different Inbox/Outbox folder.

Inbox/Outbox explorer:
Add/remove files that have been received into your inbox folder, or files that you are sending from your outbox folder.

Log viewer:
All BlueMarket activities are recorded into log viewer…

New in v2.7:

Manual gifts/coupons sending:
You can now organize free gifts or coupons sending manually. Tickets will be sent the moment you click Start/Stop button.

Network mode:
In this mode, dynamic IP addresses are supported. All your clients can have dynamic address now. Use BlueMarket Control Platform v1.4 or later.

Restore in levels:
Backup/Restore data in Import/Export are now in levels. You can choose what data to restore.

Using this feature your unit will not send files automaticaly to all devices in range, but will wait for that device to check-in first.

Web post:
All your stats, current LIVE results you can post on your web, either using asp, aspx or php page. This is useful if you want to present results to customer directly on your web.

New in v2.6:

RSS feeds with GIF support:
Automate contents changing by using RSS feeds. Software will check your feeds, and build animated GIF.

Summary report:
New report added. Will preview data based on your daily traffic.

Picture with code sending:
Send unique predefined codes with default picture.

Sorting in lists:
Clicking on column headers in all lists in application will sort your data.

New in v2.5:

Connection retries:
Will try to send to same device x times more.

Image viewer:
Administrator aproove. If selected, picture sent to Image Viewer will be sent to admin device (as thumbernail image), and only aprooved (admin must send it back to server) will be published. Thumbernail size can be customized. Header text can now be received file name text.

Device manufacturer recognition:
Now available to all sending types, not only ‘SMART’ sending. Full database of manufacturers is available.

Changed to be sending type. Now they run totaly independent, so you can run as many as you want, with total control.

Leave any multimedia file to your friend. It will stay on the server until your friend pick it up when enter bluetooth zone.

BlueMarket software can automaticaly update with new available version.

Bluetooth radio name:
Name can be changed now from BlueMarket directly.

vCard Explorer:
You can build new vCards for sending, and also read all received contact cards. vAppointment also supported for making and reading.

Log viewer:
Statistics by mobile phone models added.

New in v2.4:

Remote contents changing:
Working together with ‘BlueMarket Control Platform’, and contents remote netowork synchronization using FTP folder improoved.

Admin control:
New commands added.

Trace specific mobile phone, and send special file. You can have many devices, with all different files ready to be sent when device enter into bluetooth zone.

Image viewer:
Scrolling of footer text added. Also, it will share backgroung image you set for ‘Chat’.

Virus protection:
Set files extensions you think that can harm your pc. BlueMarket will refuse to save that files.

Multi-database importer:
Improoved importing of database files. You can set to import only successfull data.

Background and font can be changed.

Some small changes, like Settings GUI now organized in tabs, etc.

New in v2.3:

Image Viewer:
Build your own image slide show. During any kind of ceremonies, like weddings, aniversaries, birthdays, etc., everybody can take a picture, and publish on the screen, so everybody can see it.

XML log support:
Saving logs in XML format, not in MDB database.

‘Stealth’ mode:
Invisible software start-up. No user interface will be visible during load.

Database corruption check:
In case MDB database is corrupted, software will on software load backup it, and replace with a blank one.

Campaigns sending, Remote Control improoved. Better support for XML files (import/export/delete/multi-database import…). Help file with new features added. Remotely possible to change settings, and campaigns from FTP network folder directly. Scheduler improoved, and now supports different timers for backup, synchronisation, log uploading!

New in v2.2:

Image Recognition:
New Ordering tool. It is possible to print some photos, and each will represent one ordering file. People will take a picture one of them, and send to the server using bluetooth. Server will recognize picture, and send correspodent file, as a response.

Database Import:
If you have many clients, and want to merge all database files into one, use this new function. Combining it with new added report will give you powerfull tool when you need to build reports for your clients.

Full report:
In extended log viewer, new report will give you much user friendly stats for printing.

Ordering folder:
From now on, you will have a choice to separate files for sending, and files for ordering.

Settings checker:
Will check if you set all options correct, and give help, how to solve possible conflicts.

Ordering and Timer functions improoved, also some small ‘bugs’ fixed!

New in v2.1:

Remote control:
Content files internet synchronization. Remote files changing. Network uploading of log files

Backup/restore compression:
Compression added as option when backing-up/restoring BlueMarket data

Recovery Monitor:
Level added, for finding best settings, to monitor main application

Undo button added in settings and server options, to help you if change some values by accedent

Startin in receiving mode:
You can start software automaticaly in receiving mode only (to work as content server – ordering mode only!)

Ordering pause:
Some devices dont close connection so fast, so an option for small friendly pause is added.

Starting in receiving mode:
You can start software automaticaly in receiving mode only (to work as content server – ordering mode only!)

BlueMarket Scheduler:
Backup uploader and synchronizer added as an option to automatize that proccesses

New in v2.0:

Files sending is much better (many fixes), when working in server mode

A/B protection levels gives you better application security

Start delay:
Server start delay, to give system time to initialize bluetooth device

PDA integration:
PocketPC integration. With MoR for PocketPC you can connect to server, and easely order them

Build specialized campaignes, to set different files to send in different part of a day

Chat with everyone through bluetooth server

Services indicators:
All started/stopped services indicators on main form added

Control Platform:
New application that is able to "watch" up-to 8 BlueMarket pro servers through network (internal or external – internet)

BlueMarket Scheduler:
Choose BlueMarket dayly working time, also it is possible to start BlueMarket Scheduler instead BlueMarket pro application with Windows start

BlueMarket Auto-recovery:
3 levels of auto-recovery can be set to prevent BlueMarket pro application shut-down, or any possible non-responding, plus real-time auto-recovery, that monitor BlueMarket application from outer source

PIN support, for devices that use when connection establishing.

New sending type:
Single + Random sending type added.

Predefined settings:
Predifined server options settiings. Easy set appropriate sending option type.

Unique gifts/coupons sending:
Unique (watermarked) tickets win. Also maximum number of tickets can be set

Personal sending:
Personal sending with Personal Codes editor. Send predefined message, to selected user group.

Unique receiving:
To receive all files, and no over-writting possible. All received files will be saved under its name, and added text in front (date/time file received).

1 second delay:
Can be enabled to assure that no new discovering will be made before all current sendings finish.

LIVE stats:
LIVE stats added in main form, also some small user interface improovement.

Stand-by devices list:
It gives devices second chance to receive message.

and much more…

New in v1.1:

From this version, application will only find devices that can receive/send files. In previous version, there where problems with finding all other BT devices, such as: printers, web-cameras, headphones,…

Connection timeout, to select less time to wait for user interaction. When work as server, gives you much greater performance!

Some small "bugs" fix…

Much stronger send handling. Two types of sending. Test, and choose type that gives you better performance.

Better, and much more understoodable log/report when user respond.
Gone = user not in range anymore
Forbidden = user refused file
RequestTimeout = user did not respond in given time

Due to problems with last version, new version (1.1) has different way for registering. It is much harder (not only for users, but for us, too) to register, but it is better protected this way… If you expiriance some problems with this way of registration, please tell us.

Other changes:
From this version, unregistered users will have new restriction: There is only 500KB for receiving/sending files.
But there are no time limitation (15 days) and start limitations (15 stars) anymore! br /> TThis way unregistered users will have more time to test application before thay decide to buy it!


To remove this program from your system:
1. Open the Windows Control Panel.
2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
3. Find the application name in the list and select it.
4. Follow the instructions in the Uninstall Wizard.

Unit Price: EUR 100.00
Total: EUR 100.00
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 100.00: EUR 19.00
EUR 119.00
Delivery: License key by e-mail
Version: 3.0
Language: English

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