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By | March 27, 2016

Browserbob Light DeutschBrowserBob 3 Light Edition

The web application maker for private webmasters, powerful but affordable comes in version 3 with lots of features known from the professional edition

You can make your web application any shape you choose, use your own images for the buttons/icons and the interface(s), position them anywhere you like, add sounds and much more… No programming knowledge needed, but programmable – all functionalities are Drag & Drop or chosen from menus. Your web application can be ready for distribution within 10 minutes. Create branded themed browsers or custom browsers for video streams, special interest, portals, CD navigation, presentations – integrate any webbased content you can think of…

Create easy to use interfaces for web programs with just the functionality you need: select standard browser functionalities (like back forward, reload etc.) or create special ones linking to URL’s or offline content, starting scripts via buttons, launching other applications, and much more…

Create branded customized browsers in your own style, with branded user interface, your own icons as buttons, with multiple web windows on one interface, based on your own graphics and sounds with enhanced browser functionalities you choose.

Create setups or single selfextracting exe files for your finished standalone application with the integrated setup maker for easy customized distribution. Perfect for webdesigners and personal users who want to create more than just a skinned browser.

New in version 3:

NEW: Tips at startup to get your "hands-on" quicker…
NEW: F1: context sensitive help with F1 any time during your work
NEW: Samples included to get you started within seconds!
NEW: Drag&Drop objects library (with samples) included for buttons and other objects, including saved object functionalities…
NEW: Additional files can be added as multilevel folder structure
NEW: No more typing for parameters with the "parameter selection button"… select links to additional files, variables, and more conveniently from a menu!

Just check it out with our free 30 day trial !

System requirements: 500MHZ, 128 MB RAM, 30MB diskspace

See and download examples made with BrowserBob

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