Cad Dwg Drawing Encrypter Download

By | October 4, 2016

Cad Dwg Drawing Encrypter DownloadCAD DWG Drawing Encrypter

With this encryption tool, you can encrypt various types of drawing files, prevent copying, prevent editing, prevent printing, prevent converting, prevent print screen, prevent save as. The encrypted drawing files can only be opened after obtaining the Open Password provided by you. You can encrypt your drawing files binding to one computer. When a user wants to open an encrypted drawing, the encrypted drawing will pop up a dialog box to request the user to enter an Open Password. This dialog box will display the machine ID of the user’s computer. The user can send his/her own machine ID to you, and you can create an Open Password based on the user’s machine ID. After that the user can use this Open Password to Open your file on his/her computer. Since the Open Password is created based on the user’s machine ID, the user will not be able to share the Open Password with other users. Since the Open Password is bond to the user’s computer, the user will not be able to re-distribute your drawings.

Unit Price: EUR 1,179.68
Total: EUR 1,179.68
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 1,179.68: EUR 224.14
EUR 1,403.82
Version: V8.10.12
Language: English

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