Cbpmptrainer Key Information

By | September 17, 2016

Cbpmptrainer Key InformationcbPMPtrainer

Unit Price: EUR 49.00
Total: EUR 49.00
Info includes 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 41.18: EUR 7.82
Delivery: License key by e-mail
Version: 1.01
General requirements: cbPMPtrainer needs Microsoft’s DotNet Framework 3.5 installed.

computer based training for the PMP® exam
The Project Managament Professional (PMP©) is the most widely accepted certificate for project managers.
Passing an exam is an essential part of getting certified as PMP©. The exam is about answering 200 multiple choice questions in a compuerized test. The passing score is a well kept secret but is believed to be about 70% to 75%. cpPMPtrainer will help you to master this exam.
cbPMPtrainer’s pool of more than 5.000 sample questions makes sure that you do not only learn some questions by heart. Even if you will not work through all of the questions, you will get to know the business language and grasp the rationale, the ultimate principles of these questions.
cbPMPtrainer uses the card box technique by showing questions based on your progress. During each learning session your progress is recorded. Questions you answered correct will go to the "already known box" and will be shown less often in future sessions.
cbPMPtrainer is a software you install on your personal computer. No one besides yourself has access to your data.
Download cbPMPtrainer and give it a try. The trialversion will allow for 5 learning sessions with a maximum of 10 questions per session. Just download the trial version and give it a try!
Buy a license and start learning right away!
Our license policy is straightforward: The price is 29 € only, including VAT. As licenses are prone to being passed over to friends or colleagues, the license will expire 90 days after you bought it. Nevertheless, the license is a personal, non-transferable license.
PMP and PMBoK are trademarkes of the Project Management Institute

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