Citra Table Site License Source Code Annual Renewal

Citra Table Site License Source Code Annual RenewalCitra Table is a component for creating advanced tables in Java/Swing. Features include sorting, excel-like filtering, popup menu and dialog for hiding/showing/grouping/modifying columns, column and row resizing, row header, cell merging, groupable and tree-like table header, frozen columns/rows, treetable with headers and footers, search functionality, export/import, loading/saving of table’s state, styles and visual enhancements, checkbox tree, resizable cell content to viewable area, database connectivity with caching and many more. The library is highly customizable, powerful, flexible, easy to learn and can be integrated seamlessly and with minimal effort to existing applications. The API is simple to follow, comprehensive, entirely documented with Javadoc. We offer both binary and source code licenses, with no royalty fees. Last but not least, great support is provided through our developer’s forum and emails.
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