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By | September 26, 2016

Commander DownloadEF Commander

File manager, features include:
Two file windows side by side.
Task list to switch to any active program.
Configurable button bar to start external programs or internal menu commands. Supports full parameter lists.
Supports extended Drag & Drop with the mouse over the entire desktop.
Extended file operations, rename function with capabilities to change upper/lowercase, delete function with shredder.
All long operations run with multitasking. Possible any number of operations to time with the same program instance.
User-defined commands.
Command line.
Built in file viewer, editor, Hex editor for files of ANY SIZE.
Viewer to view also graphical and multimedia files of any size. Supported formats are: ANI, AVI, BMP, CUR, DBF, DIB, EMF, GIF, HEX, HTML, ICO, JPEG, LIB, LNK, MID, MP3, MPG, PCX, PNG, PX, RLE, RMI, RTF, TGA, TIFF, TXT, WAV, WMF, XBM and XPM Support for archived files.
Internal packers for BZIP2, CAB, GZIP, LHA, TAR, TBZ, TGZ, ZIP and ZOO. Unpackers for ACE, ARC, ARJ, BZIP2, CAB, CPIO, GZIP, IMG, ISO, LHA, RAR, RPM, TAR, TBZ, TGZ, ZIP and ZOO formats.
Encode/Decode files in UUE, XXE and MIME format.
Create/Verify SFV-/MD5-Checksums.
CR LF translate (Macintosh, DOS, and UNIX).
Split/Combine big files.
Built-in FTP client with resume download and FxP (server to server transfers).
Direct link to PDAs (Windows CE only).
Incremental quick search.
Quick search with the fist letter.
Direct access to Network Neighborhood, UTC Names.
Filters for the two panels and mostest file operations.
History, preferred paths (favorites) and container.
Synchronize function.
Kill any process – useful to stop any damaged (frozen) programs.
Shut down function.
and much more…
Shareware, FREE Updates.

Unit Price: EUR 25.00 [Volume discount prices]
Total: EUR 25.00
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 25.00: EUR 4.75
EUR 29.75
Delivery: E-mail
Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Multilingual

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