Compound File Explorer

By | March 27, 2016

Compound File ExplorerThe Compound File EXplorer (CFX) is a developer’s tool for examining and editing the structure and contents of OLE structured storage files (aka ‘compound files’).
CFX will display:
The full hierarchy of the elements of a compound file: storages, streams and property sets.
For each storage element you can see various statistics such as the storage name, creation, modification and last access times, Class ID and state bits.
For each stream you can view statistics such as the stream name and size, together with a full dual hexadecimal- and text-view of the stream contents, with data elements interpreted in a variety of formats.
For property sets (such as the standard SummaryInformation and DocumentSummaryInformation streams) you can view stream statistics and a listing of all the properties defined,including their IDs, names (if any), data types and, for most properties, their values.
CFX also provides features for editing compound files:
You can rename, add or delete storages, streams and property sets.
You can edit, add or delete properties within property sets.
You can edit the data content of streams.
You can load data streams from other files, or merge the storages, streams and property sets from one compound file to another.
You can use drag-and-drop techniques to reorganise the elements of a compound file, or to copy or move elements between compound files or between CFX and the Windows Explorer.
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