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By | July 13, 2015

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Complete package of security and encryption tools to .NET developers.

CryptoSharp – security library offering a complete package of encryption tools to .NET developers.

Speed up .NET development and create secure and trouble-free code. CryptoSharp Security Library provides complete data security throughout your .NET applications. Using CryptoSharp Security Library saves time on development and debugging, and results in the creation of fast, secure and reliable code. Making use of ready-made components is the essence of .NET development. CryptoSharp Security Library provides a wide selection of readily available components to implement security features in your .NET applications quickly and efficiently. CryptoSharp code is developed by security specialists. Every aspect that could become a potential security issue is handled. Empower your corporate projects with encryption and security, follow the development guidelines, and rest assured your code is as secure as a safe. Create, store and delete data securely. CryptoSharp Security Library includes basic and advanced security components for easy integration into your projects. Cryptographic and compression algorithms, secure hash functions and cryptographically strong random number generators are included in the library. Enable strong data protection in your new and existing projects. CryptoSharp Security Library supports .NET Framework compatible Encrypted Storage to quickly migrate your projects from unsecured data storage to strong cryptographic protection. Wiping out temporary files and confidential documents can be a security hole if not handled properly. Shredders are common for paper documents, but electronic documentation is often simply thrown away instead of being securely destroyed. CryptoSharp Security Library provides a complete set of .NET components for secure file deletion, making it completely impossible to recover erased data.

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