Dating Agent Biz Alternative

Dating Agent Biz AlternativeDating Agent BiZ

History of Development
Step3: Dating Agent BIZ
v5.0 [php with GD module required to run this version]
Dynamic content management system [lib/mysql.php, webmaster/cms.php]
Promotion codes can be submited from member area [member_center.php]
Edit expiration date for membership upgrades / Delete active upgrades from webmaster area (when searching and editing rank) [webmaster/editrank.php]
Special section for membership options and upgrades [membership.php]
Selectors for birthday [register.php, profile.php]
Kg/Lbs Conversion [mem.php, advanced.php]
Pictures not approved are not listed on profile pages or picture rating page [search.php]
New Layout [_header.php,_footer.php, images/*.*]
Server-side thumbnail generation (to reduce bandwidth usage, increase loading speed and protect from non-member picture theft)
Search listings show results ordered by the most recent registered users
Automated resize of large pictures on upload
Stamp with website name on all pictures and thumbnails
Setting to enable/disable profile access for visitor
Unconfirmed payment notices expire automatically (are removed) after a custom number of days [webmaster/process.php]
Membership settings table can be edited from a more friendly similar table in webmaster area [webmaster/emembership.php]
Settings to disable free members viewing additional pictures [member.php,mem.php]
Paid members are displayed with stars in search results [search.php, advanced.php]
v5.2. [u52.sql]
Settings to disable visitors and free members to view multiple result pages [search.php, advanced.php]
About Me text can be limited to a number of characters, and also there is a minimum for registration [register.php, profile.php]
Free members can only see the minimum details (About Me) [mem.php, member.php]
Webmaster ca also see username when approving pictures [webmaster/approve_pictures.php]
Expiration (deletion) time for promotions on creation [webmaster/newpromotion.php, webmaster/tables/promotions]
Automatically correct bad usernames (with special characters) on registration
Payment intervals are now based on days [buy?.php, member_center.php,membership.php webmaster/emembership.php, webmaster/rank.php]
Automated payment scripts for [payprocess/*, buym.php, settings.php – added "$secret_word"]
Step2: Dating Agent PRO
Picture Approval Option
Bugfixed messenging system where users could delete the messages of others just by changing the number in the link.
Bugfixed picture file deletion (cleans server storage space).
Member deleted pictures are removed from the system but stored until admin approves deletion from webmaster area.
Replaced "Sex" with "Gender" in the profile info.
Browse Males, Browse Females now show only profiles with pictures.
Added top picture page, top male pictures, top females pictures.
Advanced rank required to view member’s full name. Only the first name is displayed now.
Design elements added to the package (photoshop source file for buttons).
Monthly membership. All rank upgrades expired after a number of months set by webmaster (default 1 month)
Moneybookers payment integration
Contacts agenda with favourite profiles payment integration
Custom payment gateway integration (product / subscription link based – when the product link is defined in the gateway)
Fixed driker, smoker, relationship selectors in search and editor; better profile view layout
v4.6.1 e-Gold payment integration
v4.6.2 Fixed space to " " conversion when inputing details
v4.6.2 Fixed special membership options stability in menu
v4.6.3 Direct links to view favourites profiles from agenda
v4.6.4 Next Page browsing for top pictures
Online/Offline status for profiles in agenda
Seach online profiles, members that logged in today, this week/month
Show last login date
v4.7.1 Automated payment processing sample code for e-gold
v4.7.2 Automated payment processing code for paypal
v4.7.3 Fixed contact restriction settings from webmaster area (to disable contact by phone/email/web)
v4.7.4 Fixed religion field in profile editing
v4.7.5 Improved height search, including selector with meters / feeth&inches conversion
v4.7.6 Fixed menu message board link broken in previous versions
v4.7.7 Member’s email is filled in the message board profile for private notifications [member_center.php]
v4.7.8 Fixed picture type error warning on upload [manage_pictures.php]
Profile name link can be used with mem.php?username=username, mem/username .[member_center.php, mem.php]
Promotion codes [member_center.php, register.php, confirm.php, webmaster/tables/promotions, webmaster/newpromotion.php]
PhpBB Admin login link in webmaster area [webmaster/login_masterb.php]
Members can’t change their usernames [tables/members]
Webmaster news (from datetopia) and version info [webmaster/_footer.php,webmaster/index.php]
v4.8.1 Member profile can be viewed without logging in. [mem.php]
v4.8.2 Member can click on message title to see message. [messages.php ]
v4.9 [member_center.php, buy.php, buyx.php, buye.php, buya.php, buym.php, settings.php]
4 membership expiration types (1,3,6,12 intervals) , each interval can be set to a custom number of month
custom currency (USD,EUR…)
Step1: Dating Agent
Comprehensive member profiles
Contact details
Personal details
Web identity (ICQ, MSN, AOL, Yahoo)
Fast / advanced search
Picture upload/link and management
Picture rating, top pictures, most recent pictures
Internal inbox private messaging with blind email notification
Mass email notification system for webmaster
View online members, most recent boy/girl
Paypal payment integration
Member rank and privilege system
Flash Chat Area
4 Membership types
Browse Members
Multiple public chat channels, Secret (private) channels
Popular forum integration
Affiliate service and affiliate signup cash bonus
Invite 3 friends on signup with affiliate link
3 Custom fields
Bugfixed display of additional pages for advanced search with picture

Unit Price: EUR 136.00 [Volume discount prices]
Total: EUR 136.00
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 136.00: EUR 25.84
EUR 161.84
Delivery: Full version
Version: 5+
Language: English
General requirements:
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