Dekart Terminal Logon Features

By | September 26, 2016

Dekart Terminal Logon FeaturesDekart Terminal Logon

Dekart Terminal Logon is a solution designed to provide an additional level of security for remote users of Linux and Unix (remote connections with SSH and Telnet protocols). Dekart Terminal Logon is intermediary access software, that performs user authentication for connections between client terminal programs and remote servers using Telnet and SSH protocols.
Due to the in-built SSH client, Dekart Terminal Logon allows any Telnet terminal program work with SSH servers. This becomes very important when migrating from systems using insecure Telnet protocol to systems using the SSH protocol (a protocol complying with higher security standards). Dekart Terminal Logon makes it possible to use Telnet terminal programs, thus making the migration transparent for the user and simpler for administrators.
Features and Benefits
Reinforced three factor authentication – Dekart Terminal Logon offers a combined hardware and software approach in the form of a USB key, smart card and/or a fingerprint reader, ensuring additional security that cannot be achieved with simple password based solutions.
Account information is stored and updated on a Key Storage Device (KSD) – USB token, smart card, or fingerprint authentication is used to grant access to the required resources.
Connection to the server and authentication are automatically performed without user interaction.
The need to remember account information is eliminated, thus the impact of the human factor on information security is reduced.
Easier logon procedure for users connecting to a remote system.
Less time-consuming routines for managing the authorization system in the event that the number of users or their access rights change.
Cost-effective pricing – The price for Dekart Terminal Logon is as low as 39 USD, volume discounts apply.

Unit Price: EUR 31.00
Total: EUR 31.00
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 31.00: EUR 5.89
EUR 36.89
Delivery: License key
Version: 1.02
Language: English, Russian

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