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DialogBlocks dialog editor for wxWidgets – resource editor – cross-platform GUIs on Windows, Linux, and Mac

DialogBlocks is a cross-platform wxWidgets dialog editor for Windows, Unix and Mac.

DialogBlocks is a Rapid Application Development for wxWidgets applications, with the ability to rapidly create dialogs, frames, wizards, and other UI elements that adapt to the target platform. Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac but supports any wxWidgets target.

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Tags: Linux, GUI, C++, Windows, wxWidgets, dialog, resource, internationalisation, cross-platform, dialog editor, Unix, Mac, panel


One thought on “DialogBlocks Full Version

  1. Taylor

    This is nice platform for dialog making or edition. It’s working on all 3 OS, which is nice and I can use use it whenever I wan’t. Yes, of course, I’m not using this so much, but this one never betrayes me. Fast, almost rapid, smooth and easy to use (for me). This application is great, but he has not bad analogues. Anyway I’m still using this one and don’t want to change.


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