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By | July 14, 2015

EBook Maestro STANDARD Standard Version Russian preview. Click for more details

EBook Compiler Software – EBook Maestro – Create eBooks from HTML pages

eBook Maestro: versatile eBook compiler with a lot of features.

EBook Maestro STANDARD is a powerful, commercial eBook compiler that produces feature-rich presentations while allowing complete control over customization, security and features. EBook Maestro STANDARD offers a full spectrum of options for all your eBook projects. The universal simplicity of this eBook maker, reinforced by a feature-rich interface, strong compression, and complete control over the design of the final product makes eBook creation and publishing a real delight.

The eBook compiler offers a rich, well organized interface with an array of customizable features. Support for embedded scripts, Flash, Shockwave and video formats provides a richer, more innovative experience compared to other publishing options. The universal support for embedded objects, character sets and data processing allows applying the functional riches of eBook creation to any professional area, be it art, business or education.

Finished eBooks may include a fast search engine, read-out-loud mode, URL to open on exit and a customizable icon. All aspects of your eBook are highly configurable such as window settings, context menus, control bar, search bar and left panel navigation. Security options include the ability to disable copy & paste, drag & drop, print, image/text selection, ctrl & alt keys and print screen. Your eBooks will also contain a checksum algorithm to control the pristine order of the book`s content. Moreover, controlled extraction in the reader system of distributed eBooks ensures that your content is protected.

To push eBook creation even further, eBook Maestro allows integrating eBooks with a remote web server via form processing. This not only facilitates feedback but also enables many powerful tools such as mailing list signups, questionnaires, answer sheets and various training techniques.

EBook Maestro STANDARD is can be used for all your commercial eBook projects.

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One thought on “EBook Maestro STANDARD Standard Version Russian

  1. Petrek

    I really like read ebooks. It’s so useful and comfortable for me. I like that big volume fits in my small Pocketbook. I found program such as so long time. Everyone knows that files for ebooks has a specific formats. And this embarrassing. The great advantage of this program is possibility to create complex ebooks from usual HTML pages. Special thanks to creators EBook Maestro for support some languages among which russian. For me like staff from Slovakia it’s great.


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