Ectaco Flashcards English Finnish Palm Alternative

By | September 17, 2016

Ectaco Flashcards English Finnish Palm AlternativeECTACO FlashCards English <-> Finnish for Palm OS

Unit Price: EUR 19.45
Total: EUR 19.45
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 19.45: EUR 3.70
EUR 23.15
Version: 1.1.22
Language: English, Italian, English,Finnish

Play FlashCards on your Palm OS and learn a foreign language!
Now you can memorize new foreign words quickly and easily! Just play one of four learning games which are quite fun and educational, and expand your vocabulary!
FlashCards is a powerful learning tool which helps you learn new word translations and spelling. With the help of this distinguished software the process of memorizing words turns into an exciting game. You will effortlessly and quickly advance in your foreign language studies.
Have hours of fun with this easy-to-use application!
FlashCards contains four learning games:
Game No 1: Flash Cards
It is a traditional game using cards; you can master it in a matter of minutes and learn for yourself that this is one of the most effective ways of working with foreign lexis.
Game No 2: Pockets
A traditional European game, geared towards in-depth memorization.
Game No 3: Translation Test
This game is a translation test which has the goal of checking how well you know the words. This is a simple, yet very effective way to check your knowledge and brush up on the words that need additional memorizing.
Game No 4: Spell Check
This game teaches you to spell foreign words correctly.
The FlashCards vocabulary base is comprised of 3000 basic lexis and about 4000 special terminology words (units):
* 1000 words, general vocabulary Level – I
* 1000 words, general vocabulary Level – II
* 1000 words, general vocabulary Level – III
* Law terminology – about 1000 words
* Medical terminology – about 1000 words
* Business terminology – about 1000 words
* Computer terminology – about 1000 words
With the help of FlashCards you can also create your own vocabulary bases and use them in your language studies.
Play for hours and learn foreign words with FlashCards!
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