Ectaco Voice Translator Russian French Features

By | September 17, 2016

Ectaco Voice Translator Russian French FeaturesECTACO Voice Translator Russian -> French

Unit Price: EUR 29.20
Total: EUR 29.20
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 29.20: EUR 5.55
EUR 34.75
Version: 1.21.90
Language: English, French, English,French,Russian

ECTACO Voice Translator is a fairly large electronic phrase book with more than 3200 phrases in 15 categories. It has a built-in text-to-speech engine (TTS) and a voice recognition system, so you can either view the translation of a selected phrase on the screen, or listen to it, or even get your PDA or handheld computer to recognize sentences spoken in one language and to say them back in another! To be honest, voice recognition is still more like a toy rather than a serious instrument: this task requires massive computing power which is not yet available in handheld devices. But even now in the relatively quiet environment the accuracy of recognition is around 90-95%! Attractive, convenient and intuitive interface will allow you to find the needed phrase easily and quickly; with TTS you will be able to learn how to pronounce the phrases you use. ECTACO Voice Translator is a very useful tool for your trips abroad – its phrase bank is filled with carefully selected most common and widely used expressions. And it is much easier to use than a dictionary, especially if you just started to study the language. System requirements: Processor: Intel ARM-206 SA1110 (available in Compaq iPAQ, HP Jornada 56x, Casio E-200, MobilePro P300, Pocket PC e570, etc.) RAM: 4MB or more Operating System: Microsoft Pocket PC or higher At our site you can find ECTACO Voice Translator for Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish languages.
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