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By | September 21, 2016

Edi Text Editor AlternativeEdi – Text Editor

Before purchase
Activation key, its purpose and required amount
To activate the full version of Edi you need to purchase an activation key. The key is individually produced for each buyer.
If you are an individual customer (commercial or non-commercial) and you are the only user of Edi and you buy the activation key using your own funds – you need only one key to activate Edi on all your computers.
If you purchase the key on behalf of a company or an organization (profit or non-profit) you need as many activation keys, as many workstations, where Edi is in use.
In both cases the total number of concurrent users of Edi can not exceed the number of purchased keys.

Purchase procedure
After clicking on the „Buy now!” button you will be redirected via a secure HTTPS connection to the shop, where you will see a shopping cart with your product.
There you choose the desired amount of activation keys, provide „share-it” with your contact data, method of payment and currency.
In the event of choosing credit card or PayPal as a way of payment, you will receive your activation key instantly after purchasing. When choosing other payment method, the key will be sent to you as soon as „share-it” receives the money on their bank account.
The activation key is sent to you as a file attachment (*.edikey) to e-mail message and as hyperlink to download.
The file with the activation key should be saved in a secure place to avoid the risk of being tampered by third persons. Each key is unique which allows identifying the owner. This system simplifies tracking the key, when it is stolen and spread illegally.
Please note, even if you order more than one activation key at once, you’ll get only one combined activation key with the stored information – how many keys you have purchased.

After purchase
Activating Edi with the activation key
Make sure you are using the latest program version. Eventually download and install the latest one.
Open the activation key file (*.edikey) or double click it in Windows Explorer. After the activating process is completed you will see the confirmation message.
The activation key file was primarily attached to the e-mail message and offered as hyperlink to download, after you purchased it.

Unit Price: EUR 19.95
Total: EUR 19.95
includes 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 16.76: EUR 3.19
Delivery: License key
Language: English, German

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