Euratlas Periodis Editor Features

By | September 17, 2016

Euratlas Periodis Editor FeaturesEuratlas Periodis Editor

Unit Price: EUR 590.00
Total: EUR 590.00
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 590.00: EUR 112.10
EUR 702.10
Delivery: License key, Postal mail
Shipping Costs (if delivered by postal mail)
Version: 1
Language: English
Platform: , CDR files + 1 sofware for Windows
General requirements: You can use the mute historical maps only with Corel Draw 13 or higher or by converting them into another format. The software Euratlas Periodis Expert runs only with Windows.

Euratlas Periodis Editor consists of 21 editable vector (CDR) historical mute base maps, one for each centennial year from AD 1 to 2000 and the program Euratlas Periodis Expert Single License English version.

Each base map is made of 16 layers which order, names, fonts and colors can be changed by the user.
1) Contour lines for 200 meters.
2) Contour lines for 500 meters.
3) Contour lines for 1000 meters.
4) Contour lines for 2000 meters.
5) Contour lines for 3500 meters.
6) Mute shapes of the 2nd level administrative divisions (provinces, counties etc.) and dependent states.
7) Mute full shapes of the sovereign countries.
8) Mute shapes of the 1st level administrative divisions (dioceses, regions etc.) if applicable.
9) Approximate areas occupied by unorganized peoples, if applicable.
10) Undefined borders areas, if applicable.
11) Seas and large lakes.
12) Main water courses.
13) Large rivers.
14) Dots marking the positions of the cities of grade 4 & 5.
15) Names (endonyms) of the cities of grade 4 & 5.
16) Latitudes and longitudes grid every 5 degrees.

The maps are provided along with the program Euratlas Periodis Expert so that each user will be able to find the names of the entities and to add them, according to needs, on the mute base maps.

The End-User shall use the Data for press advertising, brochure, poster, corporate identity, infography, any paper edition or publication, postcards, calendars, tee-shirts up to 1 500 copies or for websites with less than 500 000 visitors per month. Any printed map must mention the following credit line: "© 2013 Euratlas-Nüssli,".

The production of a historical atlas, a CD-ROM or a television channel presentation is subject to prior consent of Euratlas-Nüssli (write to [email protected]) and to possible royalties.

E-mail shipping
You will receive, after payment, a download link valid for 24 hours with login and password.

Physical shipping
You will receive, in addition, a CD-ROM copy of Euratlas Periodis Editor by post. Shipping costs are 12 euros for all countries.
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