Graybox Opc Server Toolkit Standard

By | March 27, 2016

Graybox Opc Server Toolkit StandardPURPOSE
Graybox OPC Server Toolkit lets the programmer to create robust and highly effective OPC Servers within the shortest possible time. This toolkit eliminates the necessity of implementing all of the numerous OPC interfaces and COM programming.
Graybox OPC Server Toolkit supports
OPC Common 1.00;
OPC Data Access 1.00;
OPC Data Access 2.05a;
OPC Data Access 3.00.
Graybox OPC Server Toolkit is fully compatible with Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista. Windows 95/98/Me operating systems are not longer supported (starting from version 2.0).
Toolkit can be used with any development environment supporting C++ language and dynamic linking. You can use it with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0/2003/2005, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Developer Studio, etc.
Toolkit is compatible with other software development technologies (such as ATL, MFC, VCL). For example, the programmer can easily add OPC-server functionality into his already existing ATL-module.
All the OPC-server functionality is implemented in a single C++ class featuring
all of the mandatory OPC interfaces and methods;
COM object class factory;
OPC Server registration methods;
OPC Server, groups, tags and properties managment methods;
effective server access synchronization algorithms.
Toolkit installation package includes
Graybox Software OPC Server development libraries;
Graybox Software documentation;
OPC Foundation specifications;
OPC Server samples.
You may choose how much tags do you need in your OPC servers address space:
Graybox OPC Server Toolkit Lite – 500 tags.
Graybox OPC Server Toolkit Standard – 2000 tags.
Graybox OPC Server Toolkit Extended – unlimited tags count.
You can download demo version free of charge.
The only Demo version limitation is
limited OPC Server tags count (100 tags).
To download demo version use the link above.
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