Grey Olltwit Software Dvd Free

Grey Olltwit Software Dvd FreeGrey Olltwit Software DVD

Unit Price: EUR 3.99
Total: EUR 3.99
includes 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 3.35: EUR 0.64
Delivery: Postal mail
Shipping Costs (if delivered by postal mail)
Version: 9.5
Subscription conditions: Duration of the subscription: 12 months
Billing period: monthly
Unit price per subscription period: EUR 1.20 (including tax/VAT)
Language: English
Platform: , PC Windows from XP to Windows 8

120 exclusive educational games plus 100 utilities and screen savers all made by Grey Olltwit Software. Used in homes and schools around the world since 1996.
Titles Include:
USA Jigsaw – A jigsaw puzzle of the USA
British History – 1485 to 1836 – A fun history game played out on the high seas
European Jigsaw – A jigsaw puzzle of Europe
Global Environmental Issues – Learn about the Ozone Layer, Greenhouse Effect and Acid Rain
Quiz Maker – Make your own quizzes. Play them in the program or print them out. Lots of quizzes included
Picture Pairs – A fun, addictive, memory improving game
Graph Maker – Educational software to make simple bar, line and pie graphs
Fractions – Math skills educational software to help learn all about fractions, with over 160 questions
Keep Your Cool (ADHD Doris) – An educational game to help with combating stress at work or school
The Strongest Link – General knowledge quiz style educational game. Includes hundreds of questions
Tell The Time – Learn how to tell the time with my speaking clock
Hangman – Classic educational game. Includes 700 words/phrases in categories
Times Tables – Learn the 1 to 12 times table. An essential building block math skills program
Dinosaur Hunt – Track down dinosaur fossils around the world with this fun educational game
Flash Cards – Show words from lists as flash cards. Hundreds of words included
Flash Cards Extra – Show words, pictures and sounds from lists as flash cards
Loose Change – An educational program to help with learning about money
Wordsearch Maker – Make your own word searches
Crossword Puzzle Maker – Make your own crosswords games puzzles. Many crosswords included
Everlasting Math Worksheet – Multiplication – Practice multiplication sums with this math program
Everlasting Math Worksheet – Division – Practice division sums
Everlasting Math Worksheet – Subtraction – Practice subtraction sums
Everlasting Math Worksheet – Addition – Practice addition sums
Sentence Builder – A language skills program to help with sentence construction
Our Solar System – An interactive educational journey through our solar system
Guide To England – Learn about England with this geography educational software
Divide Tables – Help with division and multiplication skills
Cloze Maker – Missing words exercise creator
Tidy Up – Simple learning game to help with mouse skills
Music Maker – Easily record and play simple songs with this keyboard application
Alphabet Soup – An educational program for helping to learn the alphabet
Basic Mouse Skills – A small program to help new computer users
Word Quiz Maker – Make your own word ladder educational quizzes
Connections – Choose the right connections or relationships between things
Word Shape Worksheet Maker – Easily create work sheets to help with handwriting skills
What’s This Number – Create numbers and hear how they sound
Manned Spaceflight – A multimedia educational reference guide to manned spaceflight
File It – Educational software to help learn filing and sorting
Clock Tables – Fun educational game for helping to learn the Times Tables
Securibot – Instruct a robot to arrest a villain in this robotic logic educational game
Match Up – Match words or phrases in this language skills program
Practise Typing – A simple typing program to help with keyboard skills
The Works Of William Shakespeare – Complete works of the Bard with glossary of 3,000+ terms
Plus many more….
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