Gvjack Pro Version Google Voice Calling App Magicjack Key Information

By | September 28, 2016

Gvjack Pro Version Google Voice Calling App Magicjack Key InformationGVJack [PRO VERSION] – Google Voice Calling App for magicJack

The "GVJack" App is a one time purchase that converts an expired/used/new MJ dongle for use with the Google Voice calling network even if the MJ dongle was owned by a different person or has an expired subscription. It is designed to be used with a physical phone and its keypad to provide a fully featured landline style calling experience.
Google Voice continues to offer users free phone numbers, free long distance calling, free texting and free voice mail in addition to other advanced built in features including but not limited to simultaneous call forwarding, live call transfer and call recording.
To place calls just download and install the "GVJack" App and then plug a MJ dongle into a USB port on your computer and sign in using any Gmail e-mail address and password. It works quietly in the background without the need to have a website or dialer displayed. Just pick up the phone and enter the number you wish to call or answer the phone when it rings. Dialing features aside, the "GVJack" App may also be used as an advanced desktop client.
The "GVJack" App also gives you the freedom to use your phone with online voice/video chat services like Skype, Facebook and Google+ by simply going offhook and waiting a few seconds for dialtone to automatically stop. You can always plug your MJ dongle back in at any time without the "GVJack" App running and it will work exactly the way it did before.
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Unit Price: EUR 19.44
Total: EUR 19.44
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 19.44: EUR 3.69
EUR 23.13
Delivery: License key
Version: Full Professional Version Including License Key
Platform: , Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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