Handyavi Surveillance Edition Features

By | September 17, 2016

Handyavi Surveillance Edition FeaturesHandyAvi – Surveillance Edition

Unit Price: EUR 29.20
Total: EUR 29.20
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 29.20: EUR 5.55
EUR 34.75
Delivery: License key,
Version: 5.0

HandyAvi – Surveillance Edition allows you to make Motion-Detection videos for surveillance and home security application. It also will allow you to open, view and edit your AVI file movies. HandyAvi will work with any video capture device that has a DirectShow driver. This includes nearly all Webcams, USB Adapters, video boards and many types of cameras. HandyAvi includes AVI file editing features which allow you make new videos from selected frames. AVI files can be created using any compression scheme (codec) found on your machine. HandyAvi will also display information about any AVI file. The display includes the codec that the file was created with. You can also use HandyAvi to create a new AVI file using some compression scheme OTHER than the one originally used to encode the AVI file.
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