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By | September 25, 2016

Heroglyph Rapid FreeHeroglyph V2 RAPID

Heroglyph Version 2 : easier – more effects – far-reaching – kindlier !
Version 1 already got good reviews : the tenor: "Heroglyph – a good program with good capabilities for perfect quality videotitels and trailerproductions".

Only the handling was considered critical some times…
also some users came to this conclusion and some of them still could not use the whole great potential of this software.

But that`s the past… and we could learn from many replies and wishes:
sample SUCCESSFUL-IN-ONLY-2-MINUTES (creating a animated route)!

Therefore the new version is different, it is application-oriented : extreme easy to use, it assists during title and effect design and again it includes complete new effect and use possibilities.

Now – really all cutters can use the fantastic potential of this software with the new look & feel and everybody will produce excellent high quality titels and stunning trailers with Heroglyph V2!
New key-feature: Route-designer! Create visualisations of your trips/tours on imported maps. Show matching pictures or sequences or titles during the time the route appears. Just perfect for animated visualisations of travel-routes, for charts or racetracks etc.
DEMOANIMATIONS (WMV) demonstrating the ease of use; Videos now with English User interface!:
New application: Object-Mover, Text-/Graphic-/Videoobjects can be moved on a free painted path. Of course those moves can be affected by the well-known additional effect possibilities of heroglyph (Char-by-Char, Word-by-Word etc.)
DEMOANIMATION (WMV) demonstrating the production; Videos now with English User interface! MOVE OBJECTS
New application: Multivision-Generator: create 5 x 5 tiles (or even more…) videowalls/multivisions in a few seconds
New application: camera on oversized graphics – simpy perfect for example for moving maps etc.
Part 1 Demo moving a oversized map

Heroglyph Version 2 now is much more innovative and ergonomic:
fast way to results by ergonomic-assistants
Logical worksteps are active provided to the user, further steps are recommended to the user
Object-Generators are being shown logical and depending on situations
the better overvew in the timeline and design gives a better "look & feel" which means more understanding
alternative displaymodes
schematic display of timeline objects
far-reaching enhancement of all context menues
New taskbar with context sensitive items incl. animated symbols
Unlike Version 1 extrem easier effect handling and really comprehensible Timeline-Handling
Modular conception with animated thumbs instead entering cryptical values (values of course are further possible for expert users)
Absolute new "Active-User-Signals" showing the user where he can solve things smart and effective
Unlimited Undo – essential for testing effects and designs…
Registration process only necessary once – after system changes no more need for further registration (unike version 1 registering procedure)
optimised template handling:
learn more about the easy creation of a star wars title in only one minute

More effective…
Now the full potential is available for all users by new assistants
complete new effect templates, easier useable and better to understand due to animated icons
Absolute new sub-templates to be combined free, catchword "construction kit"
create and safe own effect templates
easy-to-create animated moving paths for still or animated objects, titles etc.
HDV compatible, also 16:9, Cineon, Film2K, Video-CD etc. , also own settings are free customisable!
RAW-Data-export for the use of Heroglyph-results in other professional NLEs
New plugins for Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 and also Canopus EDIUS
Plugins integrated in Heroglyph Version 2
Adobe Premiere V6 +
Adobe Premiere PRO 1and higher (Support als Importer/Videosource and Videofilter!)
Adobe Premiere Elements
Canopus EDIUS 2.5 and higher
Ulead Media Studio V5 and higher
Sony Vegas (display highly improved comparing to V1)
Liquid Edition Plugin 6 and compatible
(the integration in Pinnacle Studio will be handled seperatly, information follows)
Unicode Support – Input of international characters (like Russian, Greek, Arabic etc.)
Pricing… Heroglyph V2

Price Product
249 Euro Heroglyph V2 Retailbox
229 Euro Heroglyph CD
219 Euro Heroglyph Download
119 Euro Upgrade CD
99 Euro Upgrade Download
more Animations
show website

Unit Price: EUR 68.10
Total: EUR 68.10
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 68.10: EUR 12.94
EUR 81.04
Delivery: Download, License information by e-mail
Version: V2
Option: Backup CD [Info]
File Size: Full version: 35 MB
Download Time: Full version
56k: ~82 min.
DSL/Cable (1/8/16Mbit): ~5 / <1 / <1 min.
Language: English, German
Platform: , Now available also in English language!

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