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IndexuCreate your own web portal with just a little effort
INDEXU TM does not only save your time and money,
but also earn you repeat visitors ..
It is well known that web portals can be very successful businesses. This is true: Just look at Yahoo! However, most people believe that it’s hard to set up a successful business on the internet. Well, thanks to INDEXU, building a successful, profitable portal has never been easier!

Interested? Well, consider this. What would you think if you could create a portal instantly and have it maintained and built automatically? Sounds unbelievable, right? In that case, read on, and find out just how simple it really is. was set up by college students – if they did it, so can you.
It’s true that the competition on the Internet is tough. Those who survive and are profitable have one thing in common – they provide what people need. And what do the people need? It’s an easy question. The people need information! That’s the answer. The fresher and more accurate your information, the more attractive your website. Therefore, if you want to succeed you must provide your customers with current information. But this causes problems. Here is the main one: you must update your site regularly in order to keep the information contained in it fresh and accurate all the time. Can you do that? Maybe you can. But how many hours and days do you have free to update your site? You can NEVER afford to keep your customers waiting on the internet. Why? Because while you are busy updating your site, your customer has probably already found your competitor’s site, which provides them with fresher information. By now, you must be thinking, how can I provide my site with fresh and accurate information for my customer all the time without wasting time and money? Well, we have the solution here.
We have developed a program that will help you manage your site easily, and it requires very little time. We call this sophisticated program "INDEXU". INDEXU will help you maintain your portal and handle almost all of the back end tasks, such as creating categories, validating new link submissions, as well as front end user interaction such as the web interface, search facility, and new links. It was designed to help you maintain your website automatically. Yes, AUTOMATICALLY! That way, you can concentrate on more important things, like promoting your website. You don’t have to think about site maintenance ever again!
INDEXU is powered with scalable technologies: PHP and MySQL. INDEXU is so powerful that it can handle over 100,000 links. INDEXU is the perfect tool for portal website.
INDEXU will not only help you maintain your site, but also increase your sales and revenue since you can focus on promoting your website instead of maintaining it. It will help you build and manage a Yahoo-style search engine quickly and easily. As you can witness in our live demo of INDEXU, most management tasks are automated. Therefore, INDEXU will help you save money and time!
Create a portal instantly. It’s quick and easy – a child could manage it. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!
Increase your visitor loyalty. Keep ’em coming.
Add value and drive more traffic to your existing website. Keep those numbers up!
Increase your sales and revenue. Expand your business profitably.
Easy to use! Automatically maintain your web portal contents. You don’t have to be a genius!
Save time and money. Why spend hundreds of dollars and wait for months while you can have your portal start immediately without expense on expensive software.
Free updates for one year. Keep your INDEXU powered portal up to date without any additional fee for a year.
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Multiple Editors
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DMOZ .RDF data Import
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