Isax Xlistbox

By | March 27, 2016

Isax XlistboxISAX_XListbox is an enhancement of standard Microsoft® Listbox ActiveX. Among its powerful tools, the possibility of choosing colors for each item, setting enabled/disabled status of any single item, indentation of items, horizontal bar for reading long items….. and several new methods for easy interfacing with parent application. Simply add this component to your VB project and you are up and running in seconds. Release Note of version 3.0 Starting from version 3.0 ISAX_XListBox gives the opportunity to add an icon to each listbox item. New properties and methods have been created to manage icons, and old AddItem/AddFormatItem methods have been changed adding a new parameter to point to icon path. Icon resource files must include one single icon. Resize and rendering of icon is performed automatically by the control itself. A property page has been added to control to make easier ActiveX control settings.
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