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This software allows you to list all the opened windows (applications) on your Windows machine and to kill some of them by specifing their title. Unlike other killing utilities it works also with hidden and system windows (for example trayed applications) and you can specify only a PART of the window caption. For example, If you’ve opened three Windows named Notepad – first.txt, Notepad – second.txt and Notepad – third.txt, you can close all three in once by specifying only Notepad (or only one of them by specifying second.txt) You can also export a list of all the opened windows into a text file, so that an external application can know in advance if a specific application is on execution, so it can decide whether to kill it or not (and which is the exact title to specify). This is possible because @KILL can work also as a command line utility, by passing it some parameters, so it can be invoked by external applications and batch files.

Unit Price: EUR 9.00
Total: EUR 9.00
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 9.00: EUR 1.71
EUR 10.71
Delivery: License key
Version: 1.2
Language: English

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