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  1. Peter

    I am studying at the University and most of my projects are related with hypertext preprocessor. Several days ago I found this program on http://www.componentwanted.com. It should be noted that interface of KoolPHP UI very clear and useful. This is Developer Licence. It’s helps everyone who works with PHP etc. I hope when I graduate from University I become a good programmer. But right now software by KoolPHP.Inc helps me to study my courses.

  2. Peter

    I work with PHP only several months. It’s used to see only different types of «boring» text editors( Two weeks ago, I’d discovered KoolPHP UI. It’s powerful User Interface to create web applications using PHP. Start working doesn’t cause any issues. The cool guideline helped me to begin. This KoolPHP UI Developer License is for expert developers, who I want to be)))

  3. Nain

    Hello, everyone!
    I have a great desire to share my opinion. At first, when I decided to start making programs and websites, I didn’t expect that it could be so difficult and scary:) In a lot of situations PHP is used, so it’s very important to be able to handle with this monster) KoolPHP UI Developer License has helped me very much, so I don’t forget to say ‘THANK YOU’ to developers! Of course, I recommend this License to all who wants to become a professional.

  4. Yan

    I am a student and, as I should say, I’m quite a newbie with PHP. But my term paper was connected to PHP, so I had to learn it very fast, otherwise I could fail the exam. My friend recommended me KoolPHP. I should say my thanks for the developers. They covered every difficulty the unexperienced PHP-developer can ever face. There are templates, lots of them. There is a significant technical support and feedback between the developer and the user. And after buing a license, I got the access to the code, and this was also very useful.


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