2 thoughts on “KoolPHP UI Enterprise License

  1. Jam

    I bought this license for my small IT-laboratory for system engineering and joint working of different algorithms. The Access to It helped me to raise the level of our developments. Software very useful, there is reliable technical support. This software package includes a lot of libraries, which I can use in my projects. I know some skills in programming, because I will modify available source code for functions, what I will need.

  2. Lanny

    This license gives a full access to a really amazing tool. KoolPHP is an easy-to use multifunctional application with outstanding performance. This sowftware works equally fast both from server side and from the client side. It is supported by the developer, so the developer is open for new suggestions how to improve the app, and always ready to help if a user has any questions. The feature I appreciated most is a really huge library of examples that can be copied and used. And when I bought the license, I was really excited, because I gained the access to the source code. It turned to be very useful for me, because now I can attune it according to the needs of my business.


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