Loopbe Commercial Use License Howto

By | October 4, 2016

Loopbe Commercial Use License HowtoLoopBe1 Commercial Use License

LoopBe1 is an internal MIDI device for transferring MIDI data between computer programs. Basically LoopBe1 is an "invisible cable" to connect a MIDI outport of an application to any other application´s MIDI inport.
All MIDI data sent to the program´s output is channeled to the receiving applications in realtime.
You may connect up to 8 applications to LoopBe’s inport and up to 8 applications to the outport, all sending and receiving at the same time.
LoopBe1 is a native Windows™ 2k/XP WDM kernel mode driver, so expect the lowest possible latency. Due to its architecture, it doesn´t work on Windows 95/98/ME. Programs do not need to link with special libraries, so LoopBe1 works with every MIDI or DirectMusic™-capable application.
LoopBe1 is free for non-commercial, personal use only. Any commercial use beyond a 30-day evaluation period requires purchase of a commercial use license.

Unit Price: EUR 11.90
Total: EUR 11.90
includes 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 10.00: EUR 1.90
Delivery: Download
Option: Backup Media [Info]
Download Protection (Duration: 24 months) [Info]
File Size: Full version: 1.6 MB
Download Time: Full version
56k: ~4 min.
DSL/Cable (1/8/16Mbit): <1 / <1 / <1 min.
Language: English

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