Lose Weight Silent Subliminal Alternative

By | October 4, 2016

Lose Weight Silent Subliminal AlternativeLose Weight 3A Silent Subliminal

Weight Loss 3A Subliminal

When you are overweight for some time, your system got used to it and this weight became part of your programming. Soon after you lost some weight, you will gain it back, because your subconscious programming does what it is programmed for. To get a slender body, you have to change your programming, which is difficult with your free will. A subliminal supports you to change. To become slim listen to the Lose Weight 3A Subliminal twice daily, until you feel and see the desired changes.

Affirmations in the Weight Loss 3A Subliminal

Your emotional frequency of vibration is high and rises further.
You are healthy and you feel great.
You have a slender and well trained body.
You nourish your body with natural and fresh food.
You love the smell of fresh food.
You enjoy eating vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, fruit, and other nautral foods
You eat what your body needs and you are satiated.
You eat slowly.
You are proud to have a dream figure.
You are happy about your beautiful and slender body.
Your friends admire you for your great body.
You have fun working out.
You work out daily for 30 to 60 minutes.
You are energetic all day long.
All your cells are healthy.
Your digestion and your metabolism work wonderfully.
You eat at meal times and you eat the right foods and the right quantity.
You enjoy drinking water and you drink a lot of water.
You are very happy to have your ideal body weight.
You are in vibrational alignment with health, joy and success.

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