Multimedia Resource Directory Match Agency Howto

Multimedia Resource Directory Match Agency HowtoMultimedia Resource Directory for Match Agency

Match Agency is an advanced match making script designed for both agencies and individuals. It includes a matchmaking module with complex relevance calculations, friends list, custom fields for each install, zip search and most features of Dating Agent. Members can manage multiple profiles, define wanted profiles and get ranked matches, post private messages from one profile to another, discuss on the integrated message boards with multiple profiles, chat on public or secret chat zones, upload and rank pictures. All pictures are stored in the mysql database for higher access control, and multi website access feature (same database for multiple websites – using this webmasters can start dial up websites ). This software has powerful marketing options : members add funds to their accounts (custom gateways: paypal, 2checkout..) and are able to purchase more profile slots, picture slots, increase their access rank (for having access to member profile contact information) and purchase expirable access to multimedia resources like audio, video, picture galleries. Match Agency is the most complex and advanced commercial software package available in this area of business.

Unit Price: EUR 145.78
Total: EUR 145.78
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 145.78: EUR 27.70
EUR 173.48
Version: 3.9+
Language: English
General requirements: Unix/Linux web server with php, mysql.

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