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By | September 26, 2016

Onlineshop FeaturesOnlineShop

Get more customers with your own online store! With this software you can setup your online store withing a few minutes. You only have to enter a name and description for your products and make a few choices for the design and about the payment and shipping. All the rest will the software do for you! The software contains a logo creator. So you will be able to change the design for your needs. If you have html skills you will be able to change the templates and make them fit your needs perfectly. You do not need any server side scripts (no cgi, no php)! You can upload the html file to any website. The order form data will be submitted with 128 bit SSL encryption to the server.

Unit Price: EUR 38.16
Total: EUR 38.16
Info plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 38.16: EUR 7.25
EUR 45.41
Delivery: Download
Version: 1.5
Option: Backup Media [Info]
Download Protection (Duration: 12 months) [Info]
File Size: Full version: 860.1 KB
Download Time: Full version
56k: ~2 min.
DSL/Cable (1/8/16Mbit): <1 / <1 / <1 min.
Language: English

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