Openworld Flashpresenter Version Affiliates Key Information

By | September 17, 2016

Openworld Flashpresenter Version Affiliates Key InformationOpenworld FlashPresenter (version for Affiliates)

Unit Price: EUR 96.52
Total: EUR 96.52
plus 19% sales tax/VAT to EUR 96.52: EUR 18.34
EUR 114.86
Delivery: License key
Version: 2.10

Create user-navigable Flash presentations and e-learning courses, featuring audio/video, slides and hyperlinks. Narrates PowerPoint presentations and converts PowerPoint presentations into Flash movies.

Presentation combines audio or video files of a speaker with graphic images, Flash animation effects and Powerpoint slides. A video, showing your speaker can be synchronized with this visual material. You can also synchronize a scrolling transcript and context-sensitive hyperlinks for your audience to access web resources about the information presented. Content menus that display topics in an expandable tree form let users quickly navigate to subjects of interest.

All of this can be done in highly compressed media delivery formats that can reach users around the world through Web browsers regardless of their operating system, and that can also be delivered via extranets/intranets, local hard drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs, or removable drives.

Also includes multi-format Video Encoder, Video Joiner, MP3 to FLV lossless converter, Audio MP3 Recorder and more extra tools.

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