OrcaDesk One Year Bundle Starter Package

By | July 14, 2015

Orcadesk is comprehensive, web-based, support ticket software designed to help provide better customer support. Centralized system that enables coworkers to easily communicate and cooperate in order to achieve maximum results in delivering customer support. They can communicate and share necessary files. More than one company member can work on one ticket that is very useful in situation when stuff user needs help. System centralization keeps all support requests on one place ensuring that nothing gets ignored. Automated processes in Orcadesk are designed to save time and effort needed for ticket solving which leads to higher level of team and individual performance. E-mail from customer/requester is automatically converted to ticket so that work on this request can start immediately. Response templates are used as predefined response for customer requests and this causes saving time in ticket solving. Reporting tools are designed to measure individual and company performance. On this way it is possible to identify areas for improvement and to better understand productivity and performance in providing customer support. There are different types of reports: New tickets statistic, solved tickets statistic, hours of first response statistic and satisfaction rating. For each stuff user can access rights be defined which means that someone can delete, just comment or just see tickets. Ticket tag option and comprehensive search ensures that every ticket is easy to find. Requesters/customers can access tickets, upload files if there is a need for it and communicate with stuff users through ticket. For every ticket can be solving time and value defined. Every stuff user will receive notification about changes on tickets that are related to them. On this way is ensured that they will not miss a thing. Every activity in OrcaDesk is accompanied in news feed feature. Orcadesk system can be integrated into a website so that customer can submit ticket through simple contact form.

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