OsenXPSuite 2006 EE SQLite2006 Pro Source Code

By | July 14, 2015

OsenXPSuite 2006 EE SQLite2006 Pro Source Code preview. Click for more details

SQLite2009 Pro Enterprise Manager – SQLite2009 Pro Enterprise Manager is a freeware tool that enables you to manage your SQLite3 databases – OsenXPSuite – Smart user interface for Visual Basic developers – ActiveX, embedded database, encryption, compression, button, listview, listbox, xp form, xpsuite, northwind trader, query analyzer, msaccess to mysql, auto update, visual basic 6.0, lua, lua_exec, sqlite2009pro, sqlite2009, client, server, com, osenvistasuite, SQLite2008Pro, Sqlite2008 Pro Enterprise Manager, component suite, LUA – Download

OsenXPSuite 2009 provides professional components for Visual Basic , that are easy to use and customize to give you the ability to quickly and easily create professional applications that have the latest visual styles and advanced features that are seen in such products as Microsoft® Windows XP, regardless of their operating system.

OVERVIEWOsenXPSuite 2006 provides Windows GUI software engineers with numerous activeX components that have been thoroughly designed and tested also are engineered to help you create modern interfaces without writing much line of source code.

Create rich, professional User Interfaces. OsenXPSuite 2006 combines 24 (twenty four) of our most popular components, OsenXPForm, MyADODC, MycontainerCtl, OsenXPTab, MyImageList, OsenXPHookMenu, OsenXPLabel, OsenXPTextbox, OsenXPButton, OsenXPListbox, OsenXPCombobox, OsenXPDTPicker, OsenXPHscrollbar, OsenXPVScrollbar, OsenXPSPin, OsenXPCheckbox, OsenXPOptionbutton, OsenXPProgressbar, OsenXPFrame, OsenXPTreeview, OsenXPPictureBox, MyWinsock, OsenXPToolbar, and OsenXPStatusbar all for one incredibly low price. PRODUCT FEATURES:: OsenXPSuite 2006 At a Glance ::Northwind traders 2006Visual Component
• XP look under Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP with three different color schemes.
• OsenXPListBox have a Background picture embedding with transparency level.
• Multiple checkbox on OsenXPListbox.
• Combo box multi column and image viewer
• DiIsplay an image/icon on each column of the OsenXPListbox.
• MsgBox and Inputbox XP with gradient form.
• Conditional formatting for OsenXPListBox, just wrote single line code.
• Column header for OsenXPListBox, OsenXPCombobox, and OsenXPTreeview.
• Item string, font, fore/back color, and other properties are completely customizable for each row of the OsenXPListbox.
• and much more.

• Included SQLite3 engine and SQLite3 class wrapper for embedded database application.
• Included MySQL class wrapper.
• Create your embedded database application just a few minutes.
• OsenXPPictureBox can be bind into ADO Recordset, so is the best solution to save and load image from recordset.
• OsenXPListbox can be bound with recordset, OsenXPTextBox, OsenXPComboBox and OsenXPDTPicker.
• MyADODC is the best solution to create a database application with single line of code, save your time.

Network tool
• Since v11, OsenXPSuite included MyWinsock controls, fully MS Winsock replacement.
• Progress event is perfect for monitoring file/data transfers.

Encryption and Compression
• Included class encryption and compression
• Fast encryption or compression
• Encryption result can be store in HEX format.
• Include conversion StringtoHex and HextoString.LICENSING
Licensing is one copy per developer machine. There are no additional run-time or royalty fees when used in accordance with the license agreement. If you have 10 developers, you will need to purchase 10 licenses and can deploy to any number of users or servers. Please refer to the license agreement for full details.

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